Monday, September 3, 2012

I Wanna Be Rich Too!

Can I leave the dying middle class and move up to the upper class ?  I wanna meet  important politicians and their buddies whom I see on television. Hanging out with Karl Rove, the Romneys, and the Koch boys would be so much fun.  I could even go gambling with Sheldon Adelson. And kick up my heels with Newt. Just think, I could mix and mingle with the upper crust and not have to worry about money.

How will I accomplish this feat? By starting a 501 super pac just in time for this election. Its name will be The Grapes of Freedom. Of course it would be faith based because Jesus is my best friend and whenever he is mentioned by the rich  they just seem to get richer. Look for me pictured with my new friends. I can't wait.