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Occasional Gunshot Sounds ~ Paintings and Skate Decks by Yvette M. Buigues

The FLOAT Gallery is Proud to present…
Occasional gunshot sounds ~
Paintings and skate decks by Yvette M. Buigues
Opening Party Saturday September 15th, 6pm – 9pm
With live music by Laura Inserra
Show runs September 9th through October 28th, 2012

FLOAT, Floatation Center – Art Gallery 1091 Calcot Place, Unit # 116 (located in a store front loft of the historic cotton mill studios) Oakland, CA 94606 (FYI- No gunshot sounds in this district of OaklandJ)

Paintings & original art skate decks by fine artist Yvette M. Buigues. From the streets of West Oakland, her work contains great whimsy, subtle observations and a dark sense of humor.

Yvette M. Buigues:
Paintings emerge from my intuition, dreams and sentiments; rarely do I know where a blank panel will take me.  Working with icons and discovering the full text of the story as I move through a painting, I often find I have been directed to a place that is real yet far away. And when finished, …

Paul Ryan likes to hunt--just like me ! We both like the NRA too.

I like to hunt just like Paul Ryan. I just read the quote below and had to let everyone know how much Paul and I like to hunt. On weekends I hunt bargains at Walmart, hidden treasures at the Salvation Army Store, the cheapest food at local grocery stores, close 99cent stores, and lots more.  My weapons are a car, a pen,  and a shopping cart. The car is registered and insured and kept locked when not in use--for safety. Just like the VP candidate I too use bows--in my hair so I go hunting for bows every week--looking for new fabrics and colors.We have a lot in common. I belong to the NRA-Nice Retail Ads-and I am proud of it.  I do bare my arms in my latest tanktop and have the right to do so thanks to the Bill of Rights.. I do also use scissors to cut the coupons out but always use them carefully.I love to collect stuffed, decorated squirrels too--just like Paul. I learned to hunt like this from my grandmother who clipped coupons every week and then took me shopping. Our whole family …

'Petey' Baby Puffin Dead In Maine Due to Lack of Ocean Fish

Petey was viewable on puffin burrow live cam at Audubon -There are other live cams to watch but I loved to watch Petey the baby Puffin in his nest in Maine.!/live-cams/player/puffin-loafing-ledge-cam

We are sad to inform you that "Petey" the baby puffin passed away on Friday, July 20th likely due to a shift in the area’s fish populations. We are all thankful for the opportunity to learn from him and encourage you to stay tuned to the Puffin Loafing Ledge and Osprey Cams. To see a full statement from Audubon and learn more, go to the bird blog. Watch for the parents returning to the burrow and protecting it from intruders.

"Dancing on a Volcano" See movie free at Expressions Gallery in Berkeley, CA

Sunday, August 12, 2012 Movie Day from 2pm – 5:30pm Free
Expressions Gallery A Fine Arts Gallery in the Ashby Arts District in Berkeley, CA. 2035 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, California 94703
Come and view the recently released: “Dancing on A Volcano, The Story of Nadja Merino” about Nadja and her family who escaped Nazi internment and came to America  and flourished as artists.
‘Dancing on a Volcano’ is a feature documentary that debuted at the Sarasota Film Festival this April and tells the compelling story of Nadja Merino.Nadja’s father, a uccessful businessman, was imprisoned.  Each family member was given a task in the aftermath of their father’s capture, and Nadja was wisely chosen to try to get her father out of prison. Nadja was successful and got her father out.
In 1939 Nadja came to Paris seeking exit visas for her family from the Chilean consul general, Armando Marine. A single kiss was the price Nadja had agreed to pay in exchange for Armando&#…

Johnny Depp or Jay Silverheels: Two Tontos Too Many?

Tonto was me even if he were on a fuzzy TV screen.  He was not just a Native American fictional character, dreamt up by writers for radio and television as a companion for the Lone Ranger.

Jay Silverheels as Tonto was bigger than life. Sitting in front of our big television in New Haven, Connecticut waiting for the next episode of The Lone Ranger, my sister and I would not move for the next 30 minutes. I liked the Lone Ranger, but my love was for Tonto.

He was such a good friend to The Lone Ranger--quiet, logical, faithful and very intelligent.  He and his horse, Scout, got his companion out of many dangerous situations.  Tonto was excellent at reading other people who meant them harm and could warn the Lone Ranger. In addition, Tonto was a great scout and could find his way anywhere. There was a lot of hoopla about Tonto from all sides--intellectuals and native Americans.And there still is, but Jay was my perfect Tonto.

Both Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger and Jay Silverhee…

"Who We Are” Art by Matthew Kowalski,Marla Fibish,Janet Brugos

"Who We Are” A Revealing Art Exhibit by a Radical Relief Artist, a Quilter and Mixed Media Artist
 Matthew Kowalski,Marla Fibish,Janet Brugos

YWCA Berkeley
2600 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

Friday July 6 – Friday September 7, Open Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM for Matthew Kowalski
Friday July 6 – Friday September 28, Open Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM for Marla Fibish
Monday August 6 – Friday September 28, Open Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM forJanet Brugos

**As there are frequent classes and other events at the YWCA, please call
ahead 510 848-6370 to ensure that exhibit rooms are available to view.

Who We Are Artists Reception: Friday August 24, 2012 6:00 – 8:30PM
At the reception each artist will talk briefly about experiences that influence 
and inspire their art: 7 – 8 PM
Partial benefit to the YWCA of Berkeley

The “Who We Are” artists welcome all who enjoy the diversity of the art world.
Contemporary Abstract Quilts, Vibrant Radical Relief paint…

“ be still" Photographic Work of Christine Benkert

Gallery 621 presents “ be still", the Photographic work of Christine Benkert
Exhibit runs August 9 - Sept. 2, 2012 - Gallery hours: 12-6pm, Thursday - Sunday

Reception- Opening Reception Saturday August 11, 2012,5-8pm 
Wine, soft drinks, finger food
Meet the artist, view the art and enjoy our Gallery

Gallery 621 Contemporary Art 
621 First Street Benicia, CA 94510 

Gallery 621 is a collective gallery supported by the participants listed below. 
Every month one of us rotates asthe Artist of the Month, but the other artists also show their work 
throughout the Gallery continually. 

Names of Gallery 621 Participants-
Jerrold Turner
Christine Benkert
Sharon Payne Bolton
Carol Dalton
Stan Dann
Nikki Basch Davis
Hedi B. Desuyo
Pam Dixon
Linda Stevenson Dunlop
Toby Tover-Krein
Suzanne Long
Jody Mattison
Lisa Reinertson
Jack Ruszel
Lee Wilder Snider

About Gallery 621 - Contemporary Art
Showcasing Benicia, California, as a contemporary center o…

Toby Tover is Artist-in-Residence at C'era Una Volta

Bette Davis Eyes  by Toby Tover
C'era Una Volta Restaurant announced recently that Toby Tover is their Artist-in-Residence. A perfect pairing-delicious Italian food and wonderful art! Toby is well known, and is a prolific exhibtor throughout the entire Bay Area famous for her colorful acrylic paintings of various subjects from 'divas' to waitresses, to children, to boats and more. She also creates intricate abstracts. Tover's art will be exhibited on the walls throughout beautiful C'era Una Volta.

If That's All There Is  by Toby Tover

C'era Una Volta is a very popular restaurant in Alameda, California, famous for its Tuscan cuisine.  C'era Una Volta also has many unique events and is a perfect venue for exhibiting works of art. Chef Rudy and Cheryl Principato both run "Cer'a" as their regular diners affectionately call it. From his early lessons in his nonna’s Elba Island kitchen, to the recipes perfected as he studied the culinary arts in Ital…