Friday, July 15, 2016

TOGETHER Womens’ Mixed Media — Acrylic Based Painting in San Rafael with artist Maria Nikl

TOGETHER Womens’ Mixed Media  — Acrylic Based Painting in San Rafael

Be a Creator, be Human, be a Woman…can you do it?  Of course!

The last 3 Tuesdays of each month,   3.5 hrs, from 5:30 till 9pm.

Art Works Downtown, 
1337 4th St, 
San Rafael, Ca. 94901,

This is a playful, non-competitive, openminded and supportive women’s environment with lots of meaningful and also constructively silly conversation.  Be who you are.

These painting events are for those of you, who already have some painting/creating experience. With a life long painting and creative practice and awareness, and an MFA, Maria Nikl is there to uphold the space for you, get you out of your comfort zone when and where you are stuck, and supply assignments that will provide you with new creative experiences other than what you already have under your belt.

Nikl will inspire you rather than teach, and support and validate you in risk taking, experimenting, and exploring yet unknown territories.

Each month there is a theme of inspiration, which can be a subject matter, technique, material, or psychological issue of creative process-- these will be announced ahead of time. 

Theme for the Second Event, Aug 16th, 23rd, and 30th:

Can we create together?
Dolphins, horses, wolves and bees can, (and so can armies and maffias)—why couldn’t we?  We will experiment with painting together on the same large surface.  Women are naturals at this, working through comfort zones of isolation, competition, and control. We will arrive at an intuitive way of communication - and the painting finds its own spontaneous choreography of creation.   
Can you be a spontaneous individual within the frame of a creative group?  Come empower Yourself and experience! We will practice not only looking together but also SEEING together.  We will create and destroy while the painting goes thru several cycles of evolution, gaining a wealth of experience each layer - and so do the creators. 

As a Mixed Media event everything goes, collage, etc, except harmful or smelly materials.  Bring your paints, mixers, scrapers, putty knives, newspapers, etc.—be creative with your materials!  Don’t forget your Matte Medium!!
 Maria will provide the painting surface as usual.

These events will be revolutionary in your creative practice, whatever level you are, because the real focus is always on opening up your own creative perception and horizons, while the actual emphasis might be announced on something technical or topical.   If you participate you must be up to adventure: willing to engage in things that are experimental, and follow the assignments, that are structured to give you unlimited freedom— gradually.   We are not aiming to create a perfect masterpiece during these three weeks-- rather, we are looking to bravely pioneer the unexplored territories, and possibilities in YOUR creative expression.

Small event, up to 10 persons, so you need to commit to all 3 Tuesday's and reserve ur space with a $75.   in advance.  The price for 10.5 hrs in 3 weeks is : $150.  Email is the best to do this,, or text and she call you back. 

Can’t wait to see you and play together!


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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Orland Art Center Gallery - Seventh Annual Group Show

Seventh Annual Group Show
August 5 - August 27
The Gallery will feature a wealth of artistic variety from artists all
over the northstate. Diverse techniques and vastly different artistic
approaches treat the viewer to a showcase of abundant talent.

Friday, August 5, 2016 Artists' Reception 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Finish summer with splashes of color and multi-media magic when
you come to the artists' reception and meet these makers of art!

Orland Art Center Gallery
Phone: 530-865-5920
Address: 732 4th St. Orland, CA 95963
Hours: 1 to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays