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ArtWalk in Livermore!!

9th Annual Livermore ArtWalk
Sat Oct 9, 2010
Benefits the Bothwell Arts Center
Location-Downtown Livermore
Maps/Info at Bankhead Theater, 
2400 First Street, Livermore, CA   94550
Pick up a free tour map at our information booths or in participating downtown businesses prior to ArtWalk; check back to download a copy closer to ArtWalk time.
Art invades downtown Livermore on October 9th, from 11am to 5pm during the 9th Annual ArtWalk.  
Over 150 artists will set up exhibits, displaying their work in boutique shops, wine bars, restaurants, sidewalks and parks throughout the heart of downtown.  Art from contemporary to traditional, pottery to painting, fused glass, stained glass, art quilts, handcrafts, and jewelry made from everything from metals to legos and fabric will be on display, with most for sale.  The event is a fundraiser for the Bothwell Arts Center.
Street-pole Art Banners created by local and regional artists that livened up the approach to downtown with Public Art will be displayed for up-close viewing and will be auctioned off on Artwalk Day.  Many reflect the themed challenge, “Think Green (but don’t use green paint)”, from which Waste Management, the sponsors of the banner project, will judge for their Sponsor’s Theme award.  The Bankhead Theater will also host a wine bar nearby, featuring the works of some of our local vintners.
Arts Education is a big theme ArtWalk this year, with exhibits running the gamut from LVJUSD students district-wide, three local high school art programs, Las Positas College students, Pathways to Picasso’s summer program recycling container mural project, and graduates from the San Francisco Art Academy at the Bankhead Theater. ArtWalk day is the only day that the SF Art Academy show will be open to the public without a performance ticket.
This year, ArtWalk is offering limo rides to transport art lovers from the main event down to the Vine Center, to enjoy artwork at the Vine Cinema & Alehouse, Live for More Fudge and the popular Ekphrasis art & poetry exhibit at Windermere Homes.  
ArtWalk 2010 continues its tradition of providing an all-day, all-acoustic music event at the Livermore Valley Plaza and capping it off with an evening performance at Panama Red Coffee House. Details on the lineup and background on the musicians can be seen on Valley SingOut’s web page at  
ArtWalk artists will show works from contemporary to traditional, pottery to textile art, paintings, photography, handmade jewelry and more, from artists who are just beginning to award-winning professionals that display in museums and galleries across the country.  Tour maps will be printed and available in participating businesses the week prior to ArtWalk; for more information, see  ArtWalk can also be followed on Facebook by searching for Artwalk Livermore.

ArtWalk 2010 Highlights
Arts Activities and Craft Vendors on J Street, between First & Second (especially fun for kids) 
Working artist studios in the Historic Old Firehouse, right across from the Bankhead Theater
Browse several downtown gallery and art display sites that regularly show local works, including Wild Vine, Panama Red, John Christopher Cellars at Blacksmith Square, and the Ryan Fine Art Gallery downstairs from It's All About Dancing 
“Art of Dance” demonstrations by students at It’s All About Dancing throughout the day
Get an up close viewing of the new Firehouse mural commissioned by the City of Livermore, and talk with the lead artist directly
View group exhibits from the Sculpture Studio, a group of San Francisco Art Academy graduates at the Bankhead Theater, The Art Glass Shop, area high schools and district-wide art, Las Positas Community College, the Disabled Veteran's Painting Group, and the award-winning Path to Picasso group with their newly installed murals done on the recycling containers for the Bankhead, as well as the Christ-Centered Arts Festival/Trinity Church group and the Decorative Painting Society.  


Water Defined 
Art Show by Janet Brugos
Exhibit runs from November 10, 2010 - January 7, 2011 
Reception is Thursday, November 18 at noon-Free.

East Bay Municipal Utility District
EBMUD Oakland Administration Building
2nd Floor Lobby Gallery
375 11th Street (bet. Webster & Franklin)
Oakland, California 94607 

The exhibit is open and free to the public Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm. 
BART, AC Transit and Wheelchair accessible. Closed on holidays. 
Website of venue-

About this exhibit-
Water Defined: Water, H20, is a chemical substance that covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. It exists in gaseous, solid and liquid forms. Without water, no life exits. These facts identify the nature of water, but they only begin the definition. In this exhibit, Brugos investigates the meanings of water in a textural way using handmade paper, paint, batik scraps and found objects. Snowflake, glacier, ripple, wave, rain, waterfall, cloud, geyser will all be explored. A book, provided by the artist, will be on hand so that viewers can define water in their own way—with words or a sketch.   

About Janet Brugos-
Janet Brugos was born in Chicago. She got her start in the art world by exhibiting at the Salon des Independants at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris, France.  Brugos has shown her work in Chicago, Santa Fe, Colorado, as well as the Bay Area where she lives and creates.  She has a passion for color and texture.  Brugos invites those who see her work to make their own interpretations.

Art Show in Benicia! Toby Tover-Krein:A New Path to Asia

Toby Tover Krein
Art Show
A New Path to Asia
August 23 - December 17, 2010
Artist Reception: Friday December 3, 2010
6:00-9:00 PM
Olson Realty, 920 First St, Benicia CA 94510

Toby Tover Krein's artwork is a process of inner discovery through an exploration of texture, form, color and light.  She has always had a particular interest in building layers and been fascinated by their tactile surfaces that suggest infinite possibilities. Krein is also highly conscious of the play of light. Natural in appearance, with an underlying strength, her textural pieces contain actual found objects. Texture and form are seen through veils of color.
Pieces of metal, punched-out grills, lacy cutouts, old shingles and artifacts all find a place in Tover Krein's work. Recycled materials are reborn! Rethinking-and reusing-- items that have had another purpose fascinates her. Krein states that "Viewing my work invites a visual journey and new discoveries.  My works are linked naturally by the use of materials that express multidimensional meanings with environmental aspects."

Artist website-

CGI - Friend or Foe with Walt Jones

ASMP NorCal Presents: CGI - Friend or Foe with Walt Jones
Monday October 12, 2010 7 pm - 9:30 pm
Social hour begins at 6 pm  6:00-7 pm w/pizza and drinks
Members $10.00
Students w/id $15.00
Non-members: $30.00

Blue Sky Rental Studios
2325 Third St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Consider this. Ten years ago, car ads, product brochures, architectural images, and fashion spreads would all have been shot using a physical camera. Today, however, creatives are increasingly relying on Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) as a way to cut costs and increase artistic flexibility.
In fact, these days it's hard to find an image that hasn't in some way been touched by a computer. But, as it turns out, CGI isn't the death knell to business that many photographers might initially make it out to be. In fact, not only does CGI offer new and exciting opportunities for photographers, CGI simply couldn't exist without traditional photography working behind the scenes.

Walt Jones, a photographer and self-proclaimed "Hollywood" guy, works with CGI on a daily basis. And on Tuesday, October 12th , he'll be joining us to explain how this all works, including showing how CGI is used in photography and vice-versa.
Using real-world examples, Jones will discuss the production pipeline, the various steps involved, and the tools, software and related digital assets. Jones will also talk about how photographers can now begin to see themselves as producers and designers, and not simply camera operators Jones will also talk about the future of CGI and how it relates to the past; for instance, whether photography replaced painting and illustration (yes and no), and how that informs us about the present state of events.
As Jones points out, photographers are called artists for a reason, and digital technologies - including CGI and Photoshop - are simply the tools of the trade.

Note that Jones' purpose isn't to convince you that you need to start using CGI to survive. Instead, it's about opening ones eyes to new tools and technologies, allowing you to see CGI for what it is while dispelling the myriad misinformation constantly being spread throughout the community.

Topics To Be Covered
What is CGI?
A brief history of CGI
What can CGI do? What is it good at? What is it bad at?
Overview of the CGI production pipeline including modeling, animation, texturing, lighting and compositing
How photography is used in CGI
Case studies covering the use of CGI and photography together in architectural, product and automotive imaging, fashion and editorial photography and film, television and music videos.
What does the future hold for the relationship between CGI and photography?
And much more...

About Walt Jones
Walt Jones is a professional still photographer and producer who has been utilizing CGI on a daily basis for over ten years. After first dipping into the CGI waters for architectural rendering and theatrical design previsualization, he now spends much of his time in the creation of visual effects for clients such as 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema.
Jones has contributed to numerous music videos and over a dozen feature films, including Superman Returns, Happy Feet, and The Chronicles of Narnia. In 2008, Jones was part of the team that won an Academy Award for their work on The Golden Compass.
You can see Jones' Fine Art Photography at


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