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Ancient African Coins & Australia

Ancient African coins that could change history of Australia By Teo Kermeliotis, for CNN Kilwa -- full name Kilwa Kisiwani -- is a former city-state that rose to become one of the most dominant trading centers on the coast of East Africa in the 13th and 14th century. The standing ruins of Kilwa << < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 > >> STORY HIGHLIGHTS African coins dating back to 1100s found in remote part of AustraliaCoins were minted in powerful African city state of Kilwa, in modern-day TanzaniaAustralian professor leading an expedition to discover how they got there (CNN) -- Can a handful of ancient copper coins from a once-opulent but now abandoned corner of East Africa change what we know about Australian history? A team of researchers is on a mission to find out. With its glittering wealth, busy harbor and coral stone buildings, the island of Kilwa rose to become the premier commercial post of coastal East Africa around the 1300s, controlling much of the Indian Ocean trade with the …

Is It Real Art or Artifice--and Why You Should Care.Learn Before You Buy a Forgery!

“If the counterfeit were a good one, I should be delighted. I’d sit down straight away and sign it.” Picasso

Picasso had a light-heated view toward forgeries. However, given the billions of dollars invested in the art market today, we cannot afford to be so cavalier. As more art works flood the markets and demand for art at a level high, there is an accompanying increase in forgeries. To make art buyers feel more comfortable, however, they should be reminded that there have been art forgeries as long as there has been art. Ancient art collectors and new collectors both have been victimized. But a potential buyer should--and can--be prepared.

This blog is not the place for a scholarly thesis on the complete history of forgeries, but if the reader is so inclined, he or she can research the subject using many useful books available and information on the web. A good starting point is below for those who want to learn more about the history of art forgery:…

Doug Ebert: Trials & Tribulations, CD Release Concert in Oakand on July 6th

Doug Ebert: Trials & Tribulations, CD Release Concert
Saturday July 6, 2013  8 - 10pm

Musically Minded Academy
5776 Broadway,
Oakland, Ca. 94618

General Adv. $15/ Door $18 
Seniors/Students/Disabled Adv. $12/ Door $15
Link to purchase:
All Ages
For more information contact-Joey Brite at 510-459-6072

Jazz bassist and composer Doug Ebert is pleased to announce the release of his third

and most inspired album to date.  Written during his wife’s successful battle against
leukemia, “Trials & Tribulations” tells the musical story of despair and triumph; facing
adversity with strength and courage and coming out on top.  This upbeat and lively
session is performed by a talented Bay Area lineup of guitarist Terrence Brewer, pianist
Tim Campbell and drummer Rob Rhodes.  This concert will be the debut performance
 of the new album.

Favorite Places in Contra Costa County Photo Exhibition

Favorite Places Photo Exhibition 7/10-8/31/2013
Four Local artists exhibit photographs of favorite places in Contra Costa County ·Jeff Brooks-Manas ·Terin Christensen ·Tim Taylor ·Kristiina Teerikorpi
This community spirited exhibit is curated by Ginny Mangrum. 
The City of Walnut Creek, in conjunction with the Walnut Creek Downtown Library presents annual exhibitions in the Library Community Art Gallery. This program is part of the Arts, Recreation and Community Services Department, administered by Bedford Gallery under the direction of the Walnut Creek Arts Commission. 
Where:  Walnut Creek Library 1644 N. Broadway Walnut Creek, CA, 94596 Open for viewing--Mon-Thur 10-8pm, Fri-Sat 10-6pm, Sun Closed