Favorite Places in Contra Costa County Photo Exhibition

Favorite Places Photo Exhibition

Four Local artists exhibit photographs of favorite places in Contra Costa County
·        Jeff Brooks-Manas
·        Terin Christensen
·        Tim Taylor
·        Kristiina Teerikorpi

This community spirited exhibit is curated by Ginny Mangrum. 

The City of Walnut Creek, in conjunction with the Walnut Creek Downtown Library presents annual exhibitions in the Library Community Art Gallery. This program is part of the Arts, Recreation and Community Services Department, administered by Bedford Gallery under the direction of the Walnut Creek Arts Commission. 

Walnut Creek Library
1644 N. Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA, 94596
Open for viewing--Mon-Thur 10-8pm, Fri-Sat 10-6pm, Sun Closed


Please do not call the library for information about the exhibit.
Only call them for general directions and library inquiries.

Blog Site:  http://photocallforart.blogspot.com/
Please drop by our blog site created to provide updates and information about the project

Artist Bios-

Tim Taylor was born in Oakland, and the family moved to Contra Costa County in 1956 currently lives in Pleasant Hill.  Tim’s current digital photographic process practices evolved from several decades of black and white wet darkroom. He comes from a more formal educational background in the arts. 
       “I had always taken a variety of art classes throughout my life, my 
first photo class was during a summer school session 
when I was in second grade. I studied architecture in high school, 
and during my first year of college at Diablo Valley College,I 
decided to take a semester off from path and by coincidence, 
enrolled in a photography class.For a variety of reasons, I never
 looked back. However, to this day, my architecture studies are a
 huge part of how I use the frame of a camera, and many 
other elements of my artwork and design. I continued on to San Francisco 
State University for both my BA and MA. I had the incredible opportunity
 to study with some luminaries in the photographic community, as 
well as with some other students that have become forces in their own right.”  

 His featured photographs are of beautiful movements of horses entitled “Large Animals”.

Terin Christensen is a native Californian who currently resides in Danville.  She is a relative newcomer to the photographic processes and enjoys using her digital camera to photograph places contained within extensive landscapes of Contra Costa County. For this exhibit, Terin chose to photograph private spaces within her own yard and views from a friend’s property that is extensive and open.  She wanted to project images that spoke to the beauty of the out of doors yet isolate small private moments and places within them.  Her digital prints are in black and white, and she chose to use the light jet printing process.  

Kristiina Teerikorpi, a resident of Moraga, CA is a student of traditional black and white darkroom film and printing process and is studying at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill.  She has been an avid photographer taking on many different applications of alternative photo printing and processes.   She loves to photograph and has been shooting and printing with a voracious appetite since 2010 when I first met her as a student in one of the photography classes I taught at the college.  Kristiina, in this exhibit presents a beautifully printed photo essay about a winery in our area.  They are silver gel prints made from black and white film.  

Jeff Brooks-Manas, a 17 year resident of Contra Costa County is a dedicated photographer I met at a MeetUP photo shoot I arranged last year when we started this project.  He stands out as a very skilled photographer who creates moods as in paintings with the way he balances his color.  He says “I love shooting landscapes. There are so many beautiful subjects, and they’re so accessible. We are fortunate to have so much park land – City, Regional and State – so close to us. I enjoy sharing my corner of the world, through social media. I have also had some of my work printed on local agency calendars, and in print ads. All of the photos I have in the show are of places that are within 15 minutes of home, and I visit them frequently. Beauty is everywhere, as long as you are open to see it. You can also see something unique in a scene that you have been by several times. It’s all about slowing down, and being present.” 


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