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Now at Oakland's Float - Road Scores

ROAD SCORES Sudhu Tewari and Carly Hoopes sculpture and photographs
Artist Party Friday, Jan 8, 2016, 6 to 9pm
Show runs December 27th, through March 19th 2016
ROAD SCORES is a project born from the love of collecting treasures found on the side of the road (and abandoned buildings, railroad tracks, freeway underpasses, etc.)
Inspired by the burnt out wreck of an RV found in the Trinity mountains, Tewari decided to create a series of sculptures from objects found in the wreckage after spending several hours watching Hoopes find interesting shots of the untouched remains.
Carly Hoopes is a Bay Area photographer who documents “naturally” occurring compositions as she finds them (without rearranging ANYTHING). You may find her gathering bits of visual treasure on the side of the road, near railroad tracks, freeway underpasses, alleyways, dumpsters, piles of garbage (to some), or going quietly into abandoned structures.
The subject matter of Hoopes’ work is often ephemeral. She composes …