Thursday, November 28, 2013

East Rock ~ New Haven 1948-1978/ Part I 1948-1950.

When you start to make something in the kitchen you have a dish in mind. Then you add everything together. In a small amount of time, the item is ready to be consumed-and admired.

For this memoir sojourn we commence with the end first. The completed dish, shall we say, before the cooking.

The house was everything. Muscular with softer shingle flaps slightly upturned from weathering and age. Eyelid dormers above perkier windows. Facing north, south, east, west. On a cProudly guarding its corner at Everit Street and East Rock Road, my grandmother's house at '239' held us close for decades. Without any me, we had to be protected by someone-or something. Our hose did exactythat. Hot when it was below freezing, cool in summer, sturdy when lightning struck everything around it. A best friend when my sister and I came home after school to do our homework and play by ourselves.

My granfather and grandmother moved into 239 Everit Street i  1910. They wer newlyweds.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oakland Stock

Oakland Stock
Sunday, January 26th
Artist Deadline- Sunday, January 19th, 11:59 pm
Website for event-
How to get tickets to/or door info- reserve tickets at, pay at the door, cash only
Cost- $10

821 Washington Street
Old Oakland

Oakland Stock is part of the Sunday Soup network, supporting artists' projects
one bowl of soup at a time. Diners pay a small dinner fee, feast on a gourmet meal,
and listen to artists propose new projects that need funding. The diners vote on their
favorite project to support and the winning artist takes the money to use for her/his

The winner presents their project's progress of their winning at the next meal,
usually about 6 weeks later. Sometimes success in the art world seems pretty random.
Oakland Stock offers an opportunity for community members to support the cultural
production they find important through Food, Funding, Feedback, & Followup.
Support for Oakland Stock is provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program.

It’s easy!: Submit a simple proposal following the directions below to
The first 10 proposals that meet the requirements (below) will be included in
the running. Please prepare to pitch your project with a brief powerpoint presentation
(assembled by Stock staff with your application materials). If funded, you will be
responsible for making a presentation to the Oakland Stock community regarding your
progress on this project at the next Stock dinner, approximately 4-6 weeks after receiving the grant.
Artist Deadline- Sunday, January 19th, 11:59 pm.

1. Name of Project
2. Briefly (100 words) describe what your project is
3. Briefly (200 words) describe the cultural, historical, aesthetic, etc. context of your project. Why is this work important here and now?
4. What will you do with the winnings? i.e. “I will buy editing time at the local video lab…”, etc.
5. Write a brief slogan for your project to make it memorable to the audience electorate!
6. 3 images (as individual jpegs, 72 dpi, no larger than 1000 pixels in any direction)


8th Annual Jingletown Winter ArtWalk Announced

8th Annual Jingletown Winter ArtWalk Announced

Jingletown Arts & Business Community is pleased to announce the 8th Annual Winter Art Walk, Saturday and Sunday, December 7 – 8, 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Many of the studios and galleries will also hold 2nd Friday receptions on December 13, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. They are indicated with an *.  These events are free and open to the public.

The annual winter open studio event highlights the work of more than 50 artists who live and/or work in the area known as Jingletown, which is situated between the Park and Fruitvale Street bridges bordered by the estuary separating Oakland from the island of Alameda.  There will be food trucks featuring delicious local products and the annual T-Sisters Parade.

Among many notable artists and artistic enterprises, Jingletown is the location of Apples & Oranges Gallery, Gray Loft Gallery, Float Gallery, Norton Factory Studios, The Clock Tower Studio/Gallery as well as studios of many other outstanding artists who are living and working in one of the most established arts districts in the Bay Area.

For a complete listing of Jingletown artists, businesses and upcoming events in the area, please visit our website:

Artwalk Participating Artists and Galleries:

3035 Chapman Street, Unit 3
Hannah Woebkenberg, pantyhose, mixed media

4:20 Gallery, 420 Peterson Street    *
Jill Gibson, sculpture and jewelry
Marek Grychczynski, painting
Susan Laing, felted textiles and jewelry
Grant Marcoux, forged metalwork
Jill McLennan, painting and holiday gifts
Bill Silveira, mixed media

CottonMill Studios, 1091 Calcot Place
Sam Breach, photography #107
Peter DeLucchi, painting #113
Penny Leyton, watercolors and etchings   #107
Wendy McDermott, metal, enamels, jewelry  #107
Swee Oh, Fine Art Photography  #107    www.
The Clock Tower Studio/Gallery  # 416   *
Larissa, fine arts & crafts/multi-disciplinary
Float Gallery, # 116   *
Multiple artists

Gray Loft Gallery, 2889 Ford Street, 3rd floor   *
“Multiples of Six”
Susan Brady, mixed media, artist books    www.
Dorie Meister, jewelry
Eben Ostby, photography
Ginny Parsons, mixed media
Susan Tuttle, jewelry and photography
Jan Watten, photography

Ford Street Studios, 2934 Ford Street
Humble Salve Body Care  #37
Lawrence Lesterud, mixed media   #37
Peter Dreyfuss, sculpture and watercolor  #35
Fernando Reyes, painting, printmaking, drawing   #26   
Darwin Price,  oil painting and sculpture   #47
Apples and Oranges Gallery, 2934 Ford Street #21   *
Kevin Barry Dever, painting and mixed media
Christopher Ellingson, painting
Judy Chamberlin, painting
Chris Kanyusik, sculpture
CounterPoint Studios, 2934 Ford Street #2
Lisa Levine and Peter Tonningsen, photography

Jingletown Art Studios, 3001 Chapman Street   *
Multiple artists working in a variety of media
Kate Jones, mixed media
Margo Rivera-Weiss, watercolor, printmaking
Jan Stamos, mixed media 

Norton Factory Studios, 3094 East 10th Street   *
More than 30 artists working in a variety of media

Waterpark Lofts, 2875 Glascock Street #109
Kathy Cronin, photography

About Jingletown: Jingletown acquired its name from Portuguese cannery workers whose earnings would "jingle" in their pockets at the end of the day as they walked home from the factories in the area, signifying prosperity.  As time went on the neighborhood went into disuse, but in the early 1980’s artists realized the potential and converted many of the neglected warehouses into functioning live/work spaces.  It is now a thriving artist community and one of the fastest growing arts districts in the Bay Area.

In a time when our neighborhood has been changing dramatically, the goal of the Jingletown Arts and Business Community is to heighten awareness about the rich and diverse population of working and exhibiting artists and the creative opportunities in the Jingletown Arts District.

# # #

Jingletown Winter Art Walk
For Immediate Release

Monday, November 11, 2013

“follow me, don’t chase me!” Photography by Jan Watten & Sculpture by Benjamin T. Smith

Jan Watten
Benjamin T. Smith

follow me, don’t chase me!”
Photography by Jan Watten & Sculpture by Benjamin T. Smith
Art opening and Anti-Xmas party, December 14th 6 – 9pm
Dress up as your favorite dead celebrity
Show runs November 17th January 11h, 2014

FLOAT, Floatation Center – Art Gallery
1091 Calcot Place, Unit # 116 (located in a store front loft of the historic cotton mill studios)
Oakland, CA 94606
Two Oakland artists capture the symbols that both surround and embrace us.
In order to offset the holiday madness,  we are making another anti Xmas 
event, and we are dressing up as dead celebrities just for the hell of it.
Please join us!

Photography by Jan Watten:
Born into an artistic family, photographer Jan Watten has a passion for expressing the essence and core of her subject's being.  Her work revolves around the idea of identity – capturing an aspect of her sitter in an isolated moment.  Intrigued by the concept of Self, Watten has been attempting to capture unique qualities and characteristics in her subjects for more than two decades.  Whether she is photographing an adolescent boy, the weathered hand of a gardener, the elegant face of a musician or a young girl clinging to a family portrait – she is attempting to portray identity through a small but very revealing and symbolic aspect of someone.Watten photographs her subjects in black and white, as it reduces an image into simple elements and without the distractions of color and extraneous information.  Her images are captured with film and are archival traditional darkroom prints.
Watten attended California College of Arts and Crafts, and has shown domestically 
and internationally, and was recently profiled in Black and White Magazine.

Sculpture by Benjamin T. Smith
Since the beginning, I was pursued by monsters in my dreams. Until one night I stopped 
short and said, “If you’re going to run behind me, follow me, don’t chase me!” 
Since then they have been my subjects.
   There’s the friendly monster story. 
Alternately, there is the horror of the momentum of our current trajectory. 
 My art is a static representation of hallucination. My favorite piece is a 
painting by Bruegel, The Blind Leading the Blind.
   When you see a face in a grain of wood where is that coming from?
I’m sure we have all also seen other things that are even harder to explain. Anyway I do, everyday, in every little piece of junk around me. Incessantly, they call out to be saved. 
-Benjamin T. Smith

An urban art spa. FLOAT is the only floatation center & art gallery in the San Francisco 
Bay Area.  Floatation therapy is a unique and powerful tool that allows you to shut out the world, and drift into the deepest possible level of physical and mental relaxation. 
FLOAT offers new, public exhibits of local artists to stimulate and challenge your senses.

Celebrating our 7th year as an urban art spa, come for a float – stay for the art

FLOAT, Floatation Center – Art Gallery
1091 Calcot Place, Unit # 116 (located in a store front loft of the historic cotton mill studios)
Oakland, CA 94606

For more information and high resolution images please contact: Allison Walton,