8th Annual Jingletown Winter ArtWalk Announced

8th Annual Jingletown Winter ArtWalk Announced

Jingletown Arts & Business Community is pleased to announce the 8th Annual Winter Art Walk, Saturday and Sunday, December 7 – 8, 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Many of the studios and galleries will also hold 2nd Friday receptions on December 13, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. They are indicated with an *.  These events are free and open to the public.

The annual winter open studio event highlights the work of more than 50 artists who live and/or work in the area known as Jingletown, which is situated between the Park and Fruitvale Street bridges bordered by the estuary separating Oakland from the island of Alameda.  There will be food trucks featuring delicious local products and the annual T-Sisters Parade.

Among many notable artists and artistic enterprises, Jingletown is the location of Apples & Oranges Gallery, Gray Loft Gallery, Float Gallery, Norton Factory Studios, The Clock Tower Studio/Gallery as well as studios of many other outstanding artists who are living and working in one of the most established arts districts in the Bay Area.

For a complete listing of Jingletown artists, businesses and upcoming events in the area, please visit our website: www.jingletown.org

Artwalk Participating Artists and Galleries:

3035 Chapman Street, Unit 3
Hannah Woebkenberg, pantyhose, mixed media    www.Hannahsevolution.blogspot.com

4:20 Gallery, 420 Peterson Street    *
Jill Gibson, sculpture and jewelry   www.gibsonarts.com
Marek Grychczynski, painting   www.gryhen.com
Susan Laing, felted textiles and jewelry   sjaylaing@yahoo.com
Grant Marcoux, forged metalwork   www.grantsforge.com
Jill McLennan, painting and holiday gifts   www.jillmclennan.com
Bill Silveira, mixed media   www.automaniastudios.com

CottonMill Studios, 1091 Calcot Place
Sam Breach, photography #107   www.sambreach.com
Peter DeLucchi, painting #113   www.peterdelucchi.com
Penny Leyton, watercolors and etchings   #107   www.pennyleyton.com
Wendy McDermott, metal, enamels, jewelry  #107  wwwfearlessheartsdesign.com
Swee Oh, Fine Art Photography  #107    www. sweeoh.smugmug.com
The Clock Tower Studio/Gallery  # 416   *
Larissa, fine arts & crafts/multi-disciplinary   www.clocktoweroakland.com
Float Gallery, # 116   *
Multiple artists   www.thefloatcenter.com

Gray Loft Gallery, 2889 Ford Street, 3rd floor   *
“Multiples of Six”    www.grayloftgallery.com
Susan Brady, mixed media, artist books    www. susanbradystudio.us
Dorie Meister, jewelry   www.dorieMdesigns.com
Eben Ostby, photography   www.ebenostby.com
Ginny Parsons, mixed media   www.ginnyparsons.net
Susan Tuttle, jewelry and photography   monkey8@earthlink.net
Jan Watten, photography   www.janwatten.com

Ford Street Studios, 2934 Ford Street
Humble Salve Body Care   www.humblesalve.com  #37
Lawrence Lesterud, mixed media   #37
Peter Dreyfuss, sculpture and watercolor   www.peterdreyfuss.com  #35
Fernando Reyes, painting, printmaking, drawing   www.freyesart.com   #26   
Darwin Price,  oil painting and sculpture   www.darwinprice.com   #47
Apples and Oranges Gallery, 2934 Ford Street #21   *
Kevin Barry Dever, painting and mixed media   www.facebook.com/finethingsart.com
Christopher Ellingson, painting   www.christopherellingson.com
Judy Chamberlin, painting  www.judychamberlinart.com
Chris Kanyusik, sculpture   www.chriskanyusik.com
CounterPoint Studios, 2934 Ford Street #2
Lisa Levine and Peter Tonningsen, photography   www.counterpointphoto.com

Jingletown Art Studios, 3001 Chapman Street   *
Multiple artists working in a variety of media
Kate Jones, mixed media   www.artacts.net
Margo Rivera-Weiss, watercolor, printmaking    www.margoriveraweiss.com
Jan Stamos, mixed media 

Norton Factory Studios, 3094 East 10th Street   *
More than 30 artists working in a variety of media   www.nortonfactorystudios.com

Waterpark Lofts, 2875 Glascock Street #109
Kathy Cronin, photography   www.preponderanceofthesmall.com

About Jingletown: Jingletown acquired its name from Portuguese cannery workers whose earnings would "jingle" in their pockets at the end of the day as they walked home from the factories in the area, signifying prosperity.  As time went on the neighborhood went into disuse, but in the early 1980’s artists realized the potential and converted many of the neglected warehouses into functioning live/work spaces.  It is now a thriving artist community and one of the fastest growing arts districts in the Bay Area.

In a time when our neighborhood has been changing dramatically, the goal of the Jingletown Arts and Business Community is to heighten awareness about the rich and diverse population of working and exhibiting artists and the creative opportunities in the Jingletown Arts District.

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Jingletown Winter Art Walk
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