Sila or Ethics Superbowl Sunday
In light of the Superbowl this Sunday, doors will open at 7 pm as usual, but the sitting meditation and regular evening together will begin at 7.15 to allow those wanting to see the end of the superbowl to arrive as unrushed as possible. If the game goes overtime, please do not hesitate to quietly enter the church if it is past 7/15 and the meditation has begun.
The logical next step as Buddha outlined in his 5 step plan for a layperson interested in beginning a spiritual path is sila, or ethics. Come and join me this Sunday to explore the undertakings that the Buddha prescribed for us to really begin and deepen our spiritual practice in the most wholesome way possible. 
The 5 Precepts really resonated for me in my early years of practice because of the nature of its overall message of non-harming, non-harming to oneself, the planet and others as we go through this life together. They are 5 beautiful guidelines to consider and reflect upon, not "rules" or "commandments" which can engender lots of judgements, and is not given enough air time when the Dharma is offered in the West. At the same time, they very much echo the ancient Western adage of "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you", in most respects (which is where the non-harming aspect comes into play).
Reflection and inquiry into these 5 precepts,  without self-judgement or judgement towards others, mandatory!

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