San Francisco Peace and Hope 2014 Fest

San Francisco Peace and Hope 2014 Fest
Sunday, February 16, 2014, 1-4pm
A Woman's Eye Gallery,
678 Portola Dr, San Francisco, CA 94127

list of participants:
Kit Kennedy: Emcee
Patrice Haan - harp music during reception

Poets reading:
Susan Gangel.
Erica Goss, poet laureate of Los Gatos
Jane Green
José Luis Gutiérrez
Patrice Haan
Sherri Rose-Walker
Vince Storti
Nancy Wakeman

Artists presenting:
Susan Black
Elaine Drew
Judy Seidel 

The San Francisco Peace and Hope 2014 Fest is a
celebration of the arts, honoring the SF Bay area literary spirit.
Kit Kennedy will be the emcee and program includes readings by poet and
artist contributors in the journal. Elizabeth Hack, founding director
will comment about the evolution of SFPH and harp music will be performed
by Patrice Haan. Great food and drinks provided. 

San Francisco Peace and Hope is an online literary
journal that promotes peace through poetry, writing and visual art.  Al
Young, California poet laureate emeritus, serves as the advisor, and has
written the magazine’s foreword.

Who We Are
September 11 2001 hearts and lives were broken,
our emotional reference system to what makes our
world make sense...fractured at best. On September 12,
2001, SF Peace and Hope was born.

For me, this experience is like being in the desert without
 visual anchors; a stark, solitary confinement of too much
illogical space and suddenly out of a mysterious pocket of
earth is a peacock. He fluffs his feathers up high and wide.
He shows us our humanity and our beauty in the midst of dust and death.

The eyes of the peacock's feathers are said to be the symbol of eternal life; renewal, the eyes of the stars seeing us in our—in the words of Al Young—"deathless truths". The poems in SF Peace and Hope are those stars beaded into the large plume of humanity—they say simply, 'we are bigger than politics and even death, we have the strength of a renewing spirit'. - Niya C. Sisk

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