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Carnival Kindness-Thin Man & Fat Lady- My Cousin John Battersby and Hannah

DEATH OF A MUSEUM FREAK-Philadelphia, March 27
Zanie Zanobia, known all over the country as the cannibal fan child, died this afternoon of cancer of the stomach at the residence of John Battersby, in Frankford. Zanie, though born in Africa, was a light mulatto. Her fortune consisted of her fingers, which were about seven inches long and webbed. From this deformity she got her name of fan child. When she was only a little child she became a protégé of Hannah Battersby, who is said to be the biggest professional "fat woman" in America. Hannah is the wife of John Battersby, who was once a "living skeleton," but who unaccountably gained flesh and muscle and was ruined as a "freak," and he is now a wealthy wagon builder. Zanie, who was 19 years old, was at her death the wife of a showman known as "Canada Jack," a white man. She had been ill at the residence of her friends, Mr. and Mrs. Battersby, for several months. Her last public appea…

Undertaker in the Family - W.H.Battersby 1858-1921 Philadelphia

3748 Germantown avenue.
3538 North Seventeenth street, Tioga.

BATTERSBY - At Hampton Roads Aerial Base, Oct. 17, ROBERT S., son of Emma F. and late William H. Battersby, aged 22. Funeral services, Wed., 2 p. m., mother's residence, 508 W. Springer st., Germantown. Int. West Laurel Hill Cem. The complete new funeral parlor and apartments : an institution of the last rite opened March Fifteenth, Nineteen Hundred Twenty-Nine : built and equipped to better serve our community and to meet the ever more exacting demands : William H. Battersby Sons ... Philadelphia.

Alameda Architectural Preservation Society presents Woody Walk Gold Coast Glimmers Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Alameda Architectural Preservation Society presents Woody Walk
Gold Coast Glimmers

Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 1:00 pm Join historian Woody Minor on a tour showcasing the architecture of Alameda’s premier historic neighborhood. Meet at Franklin Park, Morton Street and  San Antonio Avenue, Alameda, CA
Free for AAPS members; $5 for non-members A rich repository of houses dating back to the 1870s, the Gold Coast is Alameda’s most impressive neighborhood—an architectural icon of the era of commuter trains and ferries. The oak groves along the southern shore became the setting for dozens, then hundreds, of fine homes and gardens arrayed along tree-lined streets. This year’s Woody Walk will take in a century’s worth of styles, from Italianate, Stick, and Queen Anne, through Colonial Revival and Craftsman, to Spanish, Ranch, and Modernism. For more information about AAPS events visit or call 510-479-6489.
Built in 1909-10 for San Francisco food exporter Joseph…

Breakfast with Burr

Post Duel BreakfastJuly 11, 1804Noon“Have you any eggs?” said I. “Yes, plenty,” replied she.… “Well,” said I, “just boil an egg, and let me have it, with a little bread and tea, and that will save you and I a great deal of trouble.” She seemed quite embarrassed, and said she never could set down a breakfast to me like that.… She detained me about half an hour, and at last placed upon the table a profusion of ham, eggs, fritters, bread, butter and some excellent tea. (Melish, John, Travels in the United States of America [1811]ADDRESS: 80 West Bridge Street
New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania  18938
(215) 862-2343 Aaron Burr House Web Site LOCATION: Aaron Burr House Bed and Breakfast Lodging is located near the intersection of Chestnut and West Bridge Street. DESCRIPTION: Aaron Burr House Bed and Breakfast Lodging room rates range from $95 to $295 per night, double occupancy. There is a private pool & tennis club, and health club privileges are also available for reg…

Backyard Cottages

The Next Big Thing In Urban Planning? Backyard Cottages Hear us out. 9Notes7Pin56Plus353Tweet1.4kLike170Share As the days of suburban sprawl give way to those of urban density in U.S. metros--"smart growth," most call it--providing sufficient housing remains a challenge. Decades of planning regulations and highway patterns support single-family homes built far outside a city center. Even in areas where big residential towers make sense, developing them takes a long time and costs a lot of money. Manhattan wasn't built in a day.

The premise that single-family house neighborhoods should be frozen in amber is increasingly being questioned. Planning scholar Jake Wegmann, who's in the process of moving from Berkeley to the University of Texas at Austin, believes there's another way: backyard cottages. Hear him out. Individual micro-units on single-family properties don't require much time or money to build. They don't need much space to sit on. …

Shifting Sands ~ Pauletta Chanco Art Show July 19- Aug 21

Shifting Sands ~ Pauletta Chanco Art Show
July 19- Aug 21, 2014
The reception will be on Saturday, July 19 from 3-5 pm
SFMOMA Artists' Gallery in Fort Mason
Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Boulevard, Building A
San Francisco, CA 94123
Hours:Tuesday - Saturday 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday - Monday and the following days: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas week, and New Year's Day.
Artists Gallery Contact: 415.441.4777

Shifting Sands

Living with a terminal diagnosis has taught me that I can never
make plans with any certitude. Chemo treatments interrupt and
interfere with life and when these stop, death will come, seeking
me out with his firm agenda in hand.

All I can do is live in the moment, appreciating each one as it arises.
I choose to spend moments creating beauty and breathing life into what
was never there before. The poignancy of these creative moments is the
most amazing gift of all.…

Julia Morgan

How Julia Morgan finally won U.S. architecture's highest honorJohn King Updated 8:03 am, Saturday, June 28, 2014 22 of 22 Julia Morgan is the eighth posthumous winner of the Gold Medal, which has been issued since 1907. Photo: The Chronicle
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