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Ramana Vieira To Perform at Freight and Salvage Oct. 29, 2014 Co-billed with Redwood Tango Duo for An evening of Fado and energetic Tango

Ramana Vieira
To Perform  at Freight and Salvage Oct. 29, 2014

Co-billed with Redwood Tango Duo
An evening of Fado and energetic Tango
Freight and Salvage 
2020 Addison Street / Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 644-2020 /

  • The San Francisco Chronicle says that “no one in the United States is doing more to breathe new life into Fado.
  • ”Mundo Portuguese Magazine has called her “the new voice of Portuguese world music.”
  • The Boston Globe called her one of the pioneers of creating a most unique hybrid of Fados with a contemporary 21st century spin.
  • According to the New York Times, “the conservatory-trained singer Ramana Vieira adds a New Age sensibility and instrumentation to the music with cello and drums.”

Ramana Vieira sings Fado like it’s never been sung before. Mundo Portuguese Magazine has called her “the new voice of Portuguese world music.” Fado means fate, and you can think of Fado as the Portuguese version of the blues, a heartfelt, haunting music full of despair and lost love. Ramana and her virtuoso ensemble play classics and originals, digging deep into traditional Fado and transforming it into something utterly current.


Ramana Vieira meets President of the Azores, Dr. Vasco Cordeiro at Jantar de Abertura da XVII Assembleira Geral Casas dos Azores on Aug, 29th, 2014.

Vieira just returned from performing with Chico Avila at a famous dinner where the President of the Azores was in attendance, as well as both Consul Generals, Dr. Nuno Mathias from S.F. and Consul Honorario De Portugal em Tulare, professor Diniz Borges, and U.S Congressman Jim Costa.  Ramana stated that:"I am just walking on a cloud from it all. I feel I have finally arrived my friends and it feels good." Ramana Vieira is also also happy to announce that her new album -"Windows of Luso Sol"- is in the works and should be completed by the end of 2014 .

She has many performances coming up including her famous tour in Oregon at the lovely Coelho Winery Estate in Amity Oregon Nov. 29th, 2014. Also she will be back at the Freight and Salvage this time teaming up with Duo team "Redwood Tango' on Oct. 29th, 2014

Vieira will be a radio co-host with the Luso Media team member, Nelson Leite, starting Oct. 1, 2014. We are co-hosting a luso themed radio show featuring people in our community, highlights, interesting topics, music and art, and so much more. 

Look for her Oct. 1, 2014 at


Coelho Winery in Amity, Oregon
Nov. 29th, 2014

Bay Area
Livermore Library
Dec. 7th, 2014

Walnut Creek Library 
Dec. 15th, 2014

 Please check the website for more concert dates 

Born in San Leandro, California to Portuguese immigrants, Ramana has a personal relationship to fado that lies deep in her family history. Her grandfather was a famous musician and composer from Madeira Island, and Ramana was exposed to the voices of Portugal's past at a young age. Many of the songs on her recordings are inspired by Ramana's main influence, Amália Rodrigues, known as the "Queen of Fado", which she heard on her mother's record collection as a child.  

Ramana Vieira
Artist Website:

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Explore the arcane world of fine art printmaking - Graphic Arts Workshop Open Studio Oct. 25-26

Explore the arcane world of fine art printmaking
Graphic Arts Workshop Open Studio
2565 Third Street, #305, San Francisco, CA 94107
Sat. and Sun. Oct. 25-26, 2014
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On October 25-26, 2014, one of San Francisco’s oldest and least-known
artistic organizations, the Graphic Arts Workshop, will open its doors for a show and sale of hand-pulled fine art prints as part of  ’s San Francisco Open Studios.

The Graphic Arts Workshop (GAW) has been a hotbed of fine
art printmaking in San Francisco since 1952, when it began as
part of the Art Department of the California Labor School. The
school was closed in 1957 due to political persecution during
the McCarthy era, but the workshop survived as an independent
entity. Many well known Bay Area artists have belonged to GAW over the past decades. Today, GAW continues as a working artists’ cooperative, with members sharing expenses and the work of maintaining a large studio.

In contrast to today’s world of technology, many of the techniques used at GAW are centuries-old, although most have modern (and
 less toxic) refinements. They include etching, woodcut, linocut,
letterpress, monotype and monoprint, lithograph, screenprint, and
endless combinations and variations.
                                                                           Each artist works in his or her
own style, but all produce original fine art prints, not reproductions.

A wide variety of prints of many types and price-points will be on display and available for purchase. Several of the current artists are participating in this event, and will be on hand to explain their
processes and inspirations:
Melanie Dorson, Eddie Lee, Elisabeth
Nicula, Gail Morrison, Andrey Semyonov, Barbara Stikker, Toru Sugita, Geneviève L’Heureux, Mariko Jesse

The Graphic Arts Workshop is located at 2565 Third Street
 (on the Muni T line), #305, in San Francisco’s up-and-coming
 Dogpatch neighborhood. The Workshop will be open Saturday
and Sunday, October 25 and 26, 2014, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Maps will be available of other artists hosting open studios in the neighborhood. The event is free, and all are welcome to come explore the world of fine art printmaking.

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FLOAT Gallery is proud to present: Shock and Awe-A Group Art Show

Susan Tuttle

FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:                            

Shock and Awe

A group show…
September 11 through November 8, 2014
Opening Party 
Saturday September 27th
6 to 9pm
Show runs September 11 through November 8, 2014
Shock and awe FLOAT gallery

Shock and awe (technically known as rapid art dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming creative power, dominant artistic awareness and maneuvers.  Showcasing spectacular displays of artistic power to paralyze the enemy’s perception of art and destroy their will to fight to remain boring.

An eclectic group of artists, most of whom reside at the Historic Cotton Mill Studios in Oakland.

Artists include:Jeff Ritter & Cheryll May Macintyre

Charles Boyd- Watercolor Artist

Cheryll May Macintyre- Painter

Craig Riedel – Photographer

Darcy Vasudev – Henna Artist

Hannah Woebkenberg - Abstract Artist

Ian G. Fabre - Interdisciplinary Artist

J. B. Mackinnon – Champion of creativity

Jeff Ritter   - Alchemist, Mad man & Industrial furniture designer

Lucciana Caselli - Visual Artist

Marty McCorkle – Painter

Sam Breach- Fine Art Photographer

Susan Tuttle - Fine Art Photographer

Thomas Lindahl Robinson – Photography

Wendy McDermott – Painter

An urban art spa is the only floatation center and art gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area, floatation therapy is a unique and powerful tool that allows you to shut out the world, and drift into the deepest possible level of physical and mental relaxation. FLOAT offers new, public exhibits of local artists to stimulate and challenge your senses.

FLOAT, Floatation Center - Art Gallery
1091 Calcot Place, Unit # 116 (located in a store front loft of the historic cotton mill studios)
 Oakland, CA 94606
We are open 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm by appointment. 
For more information and high resolution images please contact: Allison Walton
8 Years of floating the San Francisco Bay Areas most innovative clients.

FLOAT Floatation Center - Art Gallery exhibits local cutting edge art from the East Bay, 
Oakland and San Francisco Bay area. We focus on contemporary art: painting,
sculpture, mixed media, photography, neon and plasma sculpture, graffiti,
environmental art, ethnic art, furniture, metal work, jewelry, kinetic and robotic art.

Bringing Kindness to Our World Alameda Sangha September 20, 2014 9:30am

Bringing Kindness to Our World
Alameda Sangha
September 20, 2014 9:30am
We will be together from 9:30-5:00, with a break for lunch. Meditation will begin at 9:30am. Please come a little early to settle in.

Alameda Sangha
Buena Vista United Methodist Church
2311 Buena Vista, Alameda, CA 94501

Cost: Donation
:This meditation daylong  will be lead by the Aloka Vihara nuns, Ayya Anandabodhi and Sister Jayati. They will offer us teachings on metta and compassion and guide us in sitting and walking meditation. We will be together 9:30-5:00 with a break for lunch. Meditation will begin at 9:30. Please come a little early to settle in. Please bring a bag lunch and a little to share with the nuns. There will be a lunch break at noon. If you would like to participate, you will be instructed on offering food to the nuns. The nuns are vegetarian. Please see our site for details on the nuns diet.

Visit the Aloka Vihara website at for more information about the nuns.
The teachers at the Alameda Sangha coordinated this event.
Visit the Alameda Sangha site at to learn more about our sangha and its
Alameda Sangha

Alameda Legacy Home Tour Sunday, September 28 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Alameda Legacy Home Tour
Sunday, September 28
11:00 am to 5:00 pm
$30 advance/$35 day of the tour
Franklin Park:
  San Antonio Ave at Morton St


Tickets online:

This year’s event features seven homes in the Gold Coast and the East End, plus the Meyers House garden for refreshments and vendor displays. Participants will partake of exterior charms, lush garden settings, and interiors of homes from the Victorian and Craftsman-era. On the tour you will see and learn about the different approaches to contemporary living in a vintage home.

Spend a day on our beautiful bayside island, strolling through neighborhoods rich in architectural heritage. The tour is self-guided—pick up your Legacy Guidebook and visit the homes at your own pace, in any order you choose. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at a park, in the Meyers House garden, the beach, or visit one of our many fine local restaurants.

The tour functions as a fundraiser for the Alameda Museum and the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society. These two non-profit organizations educate and inspire people who are interested in the history and preservation of historic architecture in Alameda.

Please note the Meyers House Museum is NOT open for the home tour. It is open on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MARSHA BALIAN Fabrications and Other Notions

Fabrications and Other Notions
Solo Art Show

California Pacific Medical Center
   Women's Health Resource Center
   3698 California Street
   San Francisco CA 94118

Opening Reception Sunday September 14 2014 3:30pm-5:30pmThe show will run from September 8th until the end of the year
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 9:30-1:00pm and 2:00-4:30pm   Saturday, Sunday 10:00 to 2:00pm


                        Other Art Shows for Balian:

                       (n) collage: a mixed media collage exhibit

                        Petaluma Art Center and Icehouse Gallery

                        400 E D Street Petaluma


                        closes September 14

                        American Folk Art Festival

                        September 6, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

                        Madonna Estate, Napa California



There are three elements that compel the production of art for me. The first is a sense of mystery. I never know what will appear as I am working on a piece of art. I may begin the process with shadowy notions, but in many respects it is the force of curiosity that holds my attention captive. It is like reading a “whodunit” without the structure of a crime. I want to carry on until the conclusion.
Which isn’t to say that the work completes itself, or arrives with ghostly aid. But there is still a riddle to be solved, an equation to be resolved, a conundrum to be settled that I find more compelling or absorbing than any other activity in life.
I have no formal training or instruction in art. So the second element is invention. I test an idea, use whatever materials may be at hand, incorporate found objects, papers, detritus. The risks of failure are perhaps no different than any other pursuit, even with the benefit of instruction. But stubbornness trumps failure and I try until something works, at least to my own satisfaction.
The third influence for me is the power of story, both my own and that of others. Embedded in memory, or swimming in our thoughts, we all replay the narrative of our lives, perhaps to make sense of it, perhaps to extract threads of meaning. And all current experience interacts with the past.
I also work as a health care provider. In that role I am eyes and ears, absorbing data, stories, strength and struggle. All that I take in is mediated by love and humor, which is often the only weapon in the losing battles we all must face. That humor feeds me and infuses my artwork where I have the lucky opportunity to celebrate and laugh.

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San Francisco Peace and Hope 4th Anniversary Reading Wednesday, October 22

San Francisco Peace and Hope 4th Anniversary Reading

Wed, October 22, 2014
Sacred Grounds Cafe
2095 Hayes Street
San Francisco 94117

(415) 387-3859
7pm sign up open mic

San Francisco Peace and Hope announces a poetry reading celebrating its magazine fourth anniversary in San Francisco on October 22nd, featuring readings by Al Young, Erica Goss, Marvin R. Hiemstra, and Marissa Bell Toffoli. Dan Brady host.
Dan Brady will host the event. Elizabeth Hack, Founding Director/editor will comment about the evolution of SFPH.

San Francisco Peace and Hope is a literary journal that promotes peace through poetry, writing and visual art.  Al Young, California poet laureate emeritus, serves as the advisor, and has written the magazine's foreword.
Highlights include the yearly anniversary reading at Sacred Grounds and the annual San Francisco Peace and Hope Fest at AWE Gallery.

Featured readers:

Al Young
California poet laureate emeritus

Erica Goss
Poet  Laureate, Los Gatos, CA
Erica Goss is the Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, CA, and the host of Word to Word. Her books include Wild Place and Vibrant Words: Ideas and Inspirations for Poets. Her poems, reviews and articles appear widely, both on-line and in print.

Marvin R. Hiemstra
Hiemstra is a poet, humorist, editor, critic, scholar, and entertainer. Marvin lives in San Francisco where he is founding Editor-in-Chief of the Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review and teaches performance techniques to a wide range of writers and musicians. Marvin has appeared in 10 countries and throughout the United States. The poetry/humor performance DVD, French Kiss Destiny, was called “superb work” by Dana Gioia. About Poet Wrangler:droll poems Mary Ann Sullivan observed, "This book offers sheer joy. What else could a reader desire?" Marvin studied under Donald Justice at the Iowa Writers Workshop and holds a Master’s Degree in Literary Criticism from Indiana University.

Marissa Bell Toffoli

Vocalist Nicolas Bearde and pianist Nat Adderley Jr. with special guest Alvon Johnson A Virgo Birthday Celebration

Vocalist Nicolas Bearde and pianist Nat Adderley Jr.
with special guest Alvon Johnson
A Virgo Birthday Celebration

Saturday, September 13, 2014 8pm $25

Yoshi's San Francisco
1330 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Nicolas Bearde’s Virgo Birthday Bash… Come celebrate!
Nicolas Bearde will bring it all to Yoshi's San Francisco on Saturday September 13th, 2014 with his newest collaborator, renowned Grammy-winning composer, pianist and musical director, Nat Adderley Jr

Show to feature new music from forthcoming Bearde album produced and arranged by Adderley. Joining Bearde and Adderley for this "Virgo Birthday Celebration" -- the leader's birthday is September 15 -- will be saxophonist Charles McNeal, bassist John Shifflett, and drummer Leon Joyce Jr.

Nicolas Bearde is a Bay Area treasure. As a charter member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra ensemble as well as the innovative vocal sextet SoVoSó, Bearde is internationally recognized as a versatile and fearless vocal improviser, charismatic performer, and distinctive jazz and soul stylist.

Nashville native Nicolas Bearde, who has been based in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1970s, has worked extensively as an actor for stage, screen, and television and as a voice-over artist in addition to his vocal pursuits.

Bearde has released four albums through his Right Groove imprint: Crossing the Line (1998), All About Love (2004), Live at Yoshi's: A Salute to Lou [Rawls] (2008), and Visions (2013).

Media contact: Terri Hinte

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