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Cat Enters Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Cat Enters Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest! But I think the cat looks cute, don't you?

Cow Salt Licks Turned into Art

This story is from npr

Whit Deschner stands in the middle of a pasture outside of Baker, Ore., probably 30 or 40 feet away from a black cow licking a white salt block.
To most of us, this may look like a bucolic scene from ranch country, a smattering of black cattle on a vast field that spreads toward distant mountains. But, for Deshner, it's art in the making.
Deschner is probably the world's foremost connoisseur of salt block art. These sculptures start out as 50-pound cubes of salt, about a foot long on each side. Ranchers give them to their livestock as nutritional supplements. Six years ago, Deschner was visiting a buddy who had put a block out in front of his cabin. It caught their eye.
"We'd had a couple of beers, and it just started looking more and more like art to us," Deschner says. "Could be outside a federal building."
What the deer left behind looked like a swirling sculpture of grooves, pinnacles and even a small porthole. T…

Cutest Endangered Baby. Ever

Baby Orangutan
These pandas are having so much fun.   Enjoy!   Happy Holidays to all our 2 legged and four legged friends