Saturday, September 18, 2010


Water Defined 
Art Show by Janet Brugos
Exhibit runs from November 10, 2010 - January 7, 2011 
Reception is Thursday, November 18 at noon-Free.

East Bay Municipal Utility District
EBMUD Oakland Administration Building
2nd Floor Lobby Gallery
375 11th Street (bet. Webster & Franklin)
Oakland, California 94607 

The exhibit is open and free to the public Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm. 
BART, AC Transit and Wheelchair accessible. Closed on holidays. 
Website of venue-

About this exhibit-
Water Defined: Water, H20, is a chemical substance that covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. It exists in gaseous, solid and liquid forms. Without water, no life exits. These facts identify the nature of water, but they only begin the definition. In this exhibit, Brugos investigates the meanings of water in a textural way using handmade paper, paint, batik scraps and found objects. Snowflake, glacier, ripple, wave, rain, waterfall, cloud, geyser will all be explored. A book, provided by the artist, will be on hand so that viewers can define water in their own way—with words or a sketch.   

About Janet Brugos-
Janet Brugos was born in Chicago. She got her start in the art world by exhibiting at the Salon des Independants at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris, France.  Brugos has shown her work in Chicago, Santa Fe, Colorado, as well as the Bay Area where she lives and creates.  She has a passion for color and texture.  Brugos invites those who see her work to make their own interpretations.

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