Toby Tover is Artist-in-Residence at C'era Una Volta

Bette Davis Eyes 
by Toby Tover

C'era Una Volta Restaurant announced recently that Toby Tover is their Artist-in-Residence. A perfect pairing-delicious Italian food and wonderful art! Toby is well known, and is a prolific exhibtor throughout the entire Bay Area famous for her colorful acrylic paintings of various subjects from 'divas' to waitresses, to children, to boats and more. She also creates intricate abstracts. Tover's art will be exhibited on the walls throughout beautiful C'era Una Volta.

If That's All There Is 
by Toby Tover

C'era Una Volta is a very popular restaurant in Alameda, California, famous for its Tuscan cuisine.  C'era Una Volta also has many unique events and is a perfect venue for exhibiting works of art. Chef Rudy and Cheryl Principato both run "Cer'a" as their regular diners affectionately call it. From his early lessons in his nonna’s Elba Island kitchen, to the recipes perfected as he studied the culinary arts in Italy, 

Dinner at C'era Una Volta

Chef Rudy prepares the historic flavors of Tuscany for your enjoyment today. C’era Una Volta opened in 2004, and each year since, they have been honored to be recognized by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, an official organization of the Italian government, as an authentic Italian restaurant.
Cer'a Una Volta is located at 1332 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501.

Go to Toby's website to view her art, see her exhibit schedule and read her impressive curriculum vitae.She has an upcoming show at Gallery 621 In Benicia in September.

Visit the website for "C'era" to read their history, see their upcoming events and read their enticing menus.

Directions to C'era Una Volta-C'era Una Volta is located at 1332 #D, Park St., Alameda, CA 94501 down the historic Redwood Square walkway, between Park Street and the Post Office in downtown Alameda.

Contact Toby Tover-
707 742-4125 or 925 998-3651

Artist Statement-

Everyday life 'clip shots' have held a fascination for me. Satire, humor and personal isolation are strong threads that weave themselves throughout the figurative work. The images have been processed through my own personal visual filter. I paint the genre of "human/social condition narratives" which come from my absorbing interest in movies, theater and personal or documentary photography.

Nostalgia is a component of the vintage-based work. Nostalgia in Greek literally means "the pain from an old wound". It's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. I paint what I feel: you do not have to feel as I do..that you get some emotional reaction from what I create is all that matters... whether it be laughter or a knowing connectedness.

The Divas, painted in acrylic, have one characteristic in common--they all are women with attitude. Displaying a fierce boldness with an undercurrent of intrigue that often turns introspective, they cannot be overlooked, or ignored. The Divas are in our face and we, as viewers have to confront them. Once seen, these images are hard to forget, perpetuating the ultimate diva feminine mystique. I try to capture my subjects in a moment to ensure that this moment will become timeless.


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