Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan likes to hunt--just like me ! We both like the NRA too.

I like to hunt just like Paul Ryan. I just read the quote below and had to let everyone know how much Paul and I like to hunt. On weekends I hunt bargains at Walmart, hidden treasures at the Salvation Army Store, the cheapest food at local grocery stores, close 99cent stores, and lots more.  My weapons are a car, a pen,  and a shopping cart. The car is registered and insured and kept locked when not in use--for safety. Just like the VP candidate I too use bows--in my hair so I go hunting for bows every week--looking for new fabrics and colors.We have a lot in common. I belong to the NRA-Nice Retail Ads-and I am proud of it.  I do bare my arms in my latest tanktop and have the right to do so thanks to the Bill of Rights.. I do also use scissors to cut the coupons out but always use them carefully.I love to collect stuffed, decorated squirrels too--just like Paul. I learned to hunt like this from my grandmother who clipped coupons every week and then took me shopping. Our whole family hunts like this too! I'm just a regular girl!

Quote about VP Candidate- "When Paul was a young child, he'd go to an area near his home, referred to as Cullen's Woods, and he's shoot maybe a squirrel occasionally," Bill Westphal recalled. "He loves to hunt -- he's bow hunter -- and he was no danger to anyone with a pellet gun but he would sometimes decimate a squirrel. And he kinda liked that. He's just a regular guy."

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