"Who We Are” Art by Matthew Kowalski,Marla Fibish,Janet Brugos

"Who We Are” A Revealing Art Exhibit by a Radical Relief Artist, a Quilter and Mixed Media Artist
 Matthew Kowalski,Marla Fibish,Janet Brugos

YWCA Berkeley
2600 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

Friday July 6 – Friday September 7, Open Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM for Matthew Kowalski
Friday July 6 – Friday September 28, Open Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM for Marla Fibish
Monday August 6 – Friday September 28, Open Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM forJanet Brugos

**As there are frequent classes and other events at the YWCA, please call
ahead 510 848-6370 to ensure that exhibit rooms are available to view.

Who We Are Artists Reception: Friday August 24, 2012 6:00 – 8:30PM
At the reception each artist will talk briefly about experiences that influence 
and inspire their art: 7 – 8 PM
Partial benefit to the YWCA of Berkeley

The “Who We Are” artists welcome all who enjoy the diversity of the art world.
Contemporary Abstract Quilts, Vibrant Radical Relief paintings and highly textured 
Mixed Media works will appeal to a wide audience of art followers and collectors.

Artist Websites-

Marla Fibish, a musician and composer as well as a quilter, takes pleasure in the fundamental idea of
piecework – making something new out of things that already exist. It is also the primary endeavor in
composing music. Fibish’s work is often drawn from traditional themes and is greatly inspired by the
bold improvisation in African-American quilting – offering a slower lasting version of the temporal thrill
of improvisation in music. Her work is visually striking and contemporary.

Matthew Kowalski was homeless, disenfranchised and invisible for many years. He now explores
how to belong and where to take his place. Kowalski is a person who develops, creates and
collaborates. He is now a part of an evolving new community. He believes the abundance we all have
is an endless supply on which to build to share. Art has been his continuing strength for 30 years.
Kowalski philosophy of “start where we are” is expressed in his strong, bold and vibrant work.

Janet Brugos’ extensive travel and desire to know people in depth contribute to her intricate art.
She gathers experience, mixes with texture, plays with proportion and uses a variety of materials,
conventional and found. Brugos’ concept of equality began with her Chicago roots. It has grown
through her travels and friendships with persons of varying backgrounds. She values each individual
equally without regard to gender, race or income level. Brugos’ philosophy is expressed in her
textural mixed media piece “The Statute of Liberty.”

 "Who We Are" encompasses all three artists as individuals; each presents their own work, with their own statement of "Who I am."


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