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ASMP NorCal Presents Photojournalism Today

ASMP NorCal Presents
Photojournalism Today
Tues March 13 2012 -  Starts 6pm 7:00-9 pm
6-7 pm Social hour with pizza and drink for $5

ASMP NorCal members: $5.00
Affiliates, students $10.00
Non-members $15.00
Pizza and drinks will be available with the purchase of a $5 food ticket.
Left Space Studios
2055 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94110   

Faced with a 24 hour news cycle, competition from all sides (including social media), and an endless stream of technological advances, what exactly is it like to work in the news media today? Join us on Tuesday, March 13th as ASMP Northern California presents Photojournalism Today featuring some of the leading working California and national photojournalists.
The best photojournalists need to be more creative than ever, and our collection of panelists are at the leading edge. Panelist Jane Tyska, for instance, has lately covered the late-night raids, rallies, and marches of Occupy Oakland, using an Eye-Fi card to send still and video images from the front line. Come hear Tyska share these experiences, as well as how she uses Twit Pic and Twit Vid to promote the Oakland Tribune’s website and help drive traffic while covering the news in real time.
The feature story too has changed, expanding from stills on a page to multimedia storytelling featuring audio and video to more fully engage viewers. San Francisco Chronicle staffer Mike Kepka will be on hand to describe how he stays at the forefront with his innovative weekly multimedia feature column, The City Exposed. And San Francisco Chronicle Director of Photography Judy Walgren will shed light on how she manages to keep on top of changing work flows and technologies, especially as budgets and resources stretch thin.
Freelance news photographer Noah Berger will further address the complexities of shooting on assignment for the Associated Press (AP) and New York Times, among other publications, while Professor Ken Kobré will debut segments of his new documentary, Deadline Every Second: On Assignment with 12 AP Photojournalists.
So join us on Tuesday, March 13th for a highly interactive and entertaining session as we learn exactly what constitutes Photojournalism Today.
About the Panelists:

Noah Berger is a freelancer who has spent the past 17 years covering Bay Area news for editorial, corporate, and government clients. On the news side, Berger works principally for the Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg News and the New York Times. He also covers transportation/development issues for state agencies and health care for the Blue Shield Foundation and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Despite the stress of maintaining a freelance career, Berger still loves (almost) every day of shooting.

Mike Kepka has been a San Francisco Chronicle staff photographer since 1999. Five years ago, he started producing his own photo/multimedia column for the Chronicle called The City Exposed, which celebrates San Francisco’s quirky collection of characters. In the past year he has transformed his column into a venue for new forms of multimedia techniques that continue to follow a true “one-man-band” style of reporting and production. At the dawn of what looks to be a new boom in digital storytelling, Kepka is excited to be helping pioneer these new forms of journalism. You can follow Kepka’s work at and and on Twitter at @thecityexposed.

Ken Kobré is a tenured photojournalism/videojournalism professor at SFSU, whose most recent one-hour film, Deadline Every Second: On Assignment with 12 AP Photojournalists is set to premiere in Spring 2012 at the Corcoran in Washington DC, Columbia Journalism School in New York, and UCLA in Los Angeles. Kobré has literally written the book on photojournalism: Photojournalism: The Professionals' Approach (Focal Press, 6th Edition), a 30-year bestseller used in almost every US university where photojournalism is taught.

Jane Tyska
Jane Tyska is a photo and video journalist at the Oakland Tribune/Bay Area News Group. Tyska spent a month in Nepal and Bhutan in 2010, following a Bhutanese refugee family from a camp in eastern Nepal to their new home in Oakland, and continued to document them until the birth of their first baby. Tyska also documented the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and a local contractor’s efforts to help rebuild. She has won numerous awards, including a national award for the Bhutan project from the South Asian Journalists Association and a YIPPA international press photo award for her Haiti work. Tyska has also received recent awards from the California Newspapers Publishers Association and the East Bay and Peninsula Press Clubs. Tyska previously worked for the Portsmouth Press in Portsmouth, NH and Community Newspaper Company in Boston, which included the Cambridge Chronicle and other local papers.

Judy Walgren has been the Director of Photography at the San Francisco Chronicle for just over one year.  She faces daily challenges involving a depleted budget and fewer photojournalists to shoot the increasing number of Chronicle iPad app assignments, which require panoramas, galleries, and multimedia. Before coming to the Chronicle, Walgren was staff photographer at the Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News and the Dallas Morning News, where she was part of a team that received the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting on violent human rights abuses against women worldwide. In between staff jobs, Walgren was based in Taos, New Mexico, where she covered assignments worldwide as a freelance photojournalist. She has been awarded the Barbara Jordan Award for reporting on people with disabilities, the Sidney Hillman Award, and multiple Harry Chapin World Hunger Awards, in addition to other honors.  Walgren believes in the power of images to change the world.

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