Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Savor Every Breath~Someone Just Might Take It!

"Breathe in, breathe out. Now, push, the baby's coming."
"Inhale this. Will help your asthma."
"Hold your breath-this x-ray needs you to keep holding it."
"It's ok to breathe now. The thief has gone."

It is all about the breath. From birth to death. It's that cool intake of sweet air we rely on.

I had a friend who had a big rap sheet in California for drugs and violence. One day I was moaning over my life and blabbed--as I do too often--that I hated life. I will never forget that he turned his head to mine and looked at me with crazy blue blue eyes and said: "If I put my fingers on your neck and start to squeeze, you will be wanting to live real quick." Of course he's right. Strangulation is no fun.

Brave Dustin has had life-threatening asthma and is recovering at a Children's Hospital in Oakland after being sent there by helicopter.

He almost lost his precious little life. Intubation and fast er care saved him. 

My daughter lives in gold country, lower Sierra foothills in California. The area is just gorgeous until you get sick, have a car accident, or other bodily travails. 

Dusty has to get on the road to recovery. Kids can bounce back fast but this time he needed some excellent medical care.

Nothing like a breath when you can't have it.

"In, out."
"What are you gonna wish for? Make your wish, now blow your birthday candles out!"

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