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EMSex at Photo Independent Los Angeles April 25-27, 2014

EMSex at Photo Independent in Los Angeles April 25-27

Exhibition of Erotic Images by
Robert Adler • Ed Fox • Steve Diet Goedde • Eric Kroll • Victor Lightworship • Dave Naz
Exhibition curated by Eric Minh Swenson and Lisa Derrick

Coaguala Curatorial Booth, Stage 8, Booth 604
Photo Independent Art Fair
5300 Melrose Avenue, 
Los Angeles, California 90038

Opening Night Preview Party Friday, April 25, 2014 7pm-10pm
To purchase tickets and see related benefits, please visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/photo-independent-art-fair-tickets-9369473347
Trade professionals and press are welcome to attend sneak-peak on Friday, April 25 1pm-5pm.
A press preview will take place between 5pm-7pm.

EMSex: A look inside the private world of one of Los Angeles’ most mysterious and yet most visible artists, Eric Minh Swenson. An exploration of his love of women, of eroticism, of photography, expressed through the works of photographers he knows and admires.

A prolific chronicler of the Los Angeles art world, Eric Minh Swenson has created over 400 short films documenting Southern Californian artists, one the most complete and ever-evolving art archives ever. His talent has granted him unprecedented access to studios, galleries, museums and homes as he photographs and films artists, gallerists and collectors.

With EMSex, Swenson and his co-curator, Lisa Derrick, have drawn together a collection of photographs by sensual, erotic and fetish photographers. These images, shot by photographers Swenson admires, reflect Swenson’s love of women and his respect for the art of photography, as well  as his own ability to both build a rapport with his subjects and to seamlessly immerse himself into other worlds as an observer.

Robert Adler—Adler’s 1970s burlesque series launched his career as a world-renown photographer, and images from this series have been exhibited in the Louvre. The images for EMSex reveal both candid private moments and the subjects’ vulnerability while striking a pose.

Ed Fox—The author of Taschen’s Glamour From the Ground Up and two self-titled Taschen books, Fox’s erotic images also appear in other Taschen collections.  His work, whether commercial or sensual, are lush and honest while invoking a world that invites the viewer to embrace the subject.

Steve Diet Goedde— Known for his erotic photographs of women paired with fetish imagery, Goedde’s images two photography books, The Beauty of Fetish and The Beauty of Fetish, Vol. II.  The photos in EMSex express Goedde’s connection with his subjects and his playful nature.

Eric Kroll—The father of new erotic photography, Kroll is prolific photographer who lives the life he documents. His published works include New Erotic Photography, Taschen’s Best of Bizarre, Eric Kroll’s Beauty Parade and Eric Kroll’s Fetish Girls. The works included in EMSex reveal the intimacy between the subjects and photographer, and moments of unexpected emotion.

Victor Lightworship—Victor Lightworship’s black and white images chosen for EMSex open a dialog between the viewer and the subject. He is the author of Strictly Bondage.

Dave Naz—Dave Naz is the author of seven books of erotic photography and an award-winning erotic filmmaker specializing in BDSM.  The Los Angeles native and punk rock musician captures playful innocence and unabashed sexuality in the works selected for EMSex. Naz and Swenson have collaborated on over 30 films shot on Naz’s sets complied as “3way Series.”

Eric Minh Swenson is the most prolific chronicler of the Southern California art world. He has shot over 400 documentaries about artists, gallerists and collectors, and has an archive over ten of thousands of portraits and images shot at openings and private events. He recently completed his fourth narrative feature film, Rope. His documentary Mana, which follows a group of preeminent Los Angeles-based Light & Space artists as they work in Hawaii, is in post-production. His photography and videos about the Southern Californian art scene can be viewed at thuvanarts.com. He is frequent contributor to Huffington Post, CartwheelArt.com, Fabrik, Artillery, and Art LTD.

Lisa Derrick curated the successful Two Johns and Whore at Coagula Curatorial. She is the editor of
CartwheelArts.com, and a contributor to the LA Weekly, Firedoglake.com and Huffington Post. She has shown her art at Red Pipe Gallery and Illumunoidal Arts, and will be curating a Los Angeles-centric urban art show at Red Pipe Gallery this August.

EMSex is curated for Coaguala Curatorial and dovetails with the Chinatown gallery’s upcoming exhibition,100 Reasons, featuring fetish/performance artist Sheree Rose’s photographs of anonymous spanked derrieres, opening April 26th, 2014.

Photo Independent, a forum for direct exchange of ideas and contact between photographic artists, collectors and art professionals, will kick-off with Opening Night Preview April 25 benefitting the Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA).

Presented by Fabrik Media, Photo Independent will take place on April 25-27, 2014 at Raleigh Studios Hollywood, 5300 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038.

For more information about Photo Independent, please visit www.photoindependent.com

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