Thursday, March 12, 2015

FivePlay Jazz Quintet at the​ ​C​alifonia Jazz Conservatory Saturday,​ ​A​pril 18th

​FivePlay Jazz Quintet at the​ ​C​alifornia Jazz Conservatory
Saturday,​ ​A​pril 18th, 2015​​ 

C​alifornia Jazz Conservatory ​
2087 Addison Street​
Berkeley CA 94704​

Laura Klein-piano
Tony Corman-guitar
Dave Tidball-reeds
Alan Hall-drums
Paul Smith-bass
​Special guest artist: Ron Horton, trumpet​

FivePlay returns to the CJC with their inimitable​, memorable​ 
original music that nourishes mind and heart. FivePlay's repertoire 
encompasses a wide range of influences:​ ​from samba​, tango​ and Afro-Cuban 
music to intense modal jazz; lyrical ballads and poignant waltzes to contemporary
 jazz and rock​, all​ with fresh twists. Master trumpeter, composer and arranger 
Ron Horton, a mainstay of New York's jazz scene, will be joining the quintet for
 this show. ​​​ Horton has ​appeared with Jane Ira Bloom​, Andrew Hill​, ​the New York’s 
Jazz Composers Collective, and ​has recorded with Ben Allison​, Michael Blake, ​and the 
Herbie Nichols Project.

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