Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Mechanical Quilt - Lynne Pillus Orland Art Center Gallery July 3 through July 25

The Mechanical Quilt -  Lynne Pillus
  July 3 through July 25, 2015
  A fascinating fusion of fabric Fine Art and today’s mechanized world. Fine Art quilter
  Lynne Pillus captures the movement and motion of the many machines used every day in factories
   and farms across the land.
  Friday,  July 3  Artists Reception 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.
 Refreshments and live music
 Young musician Melania Raygoza at our baby grand piano.
  Pop in Friday and meet the artists, or linger over refreshments, entertainment, and conversation and make an evening of it!

Orland Art Center Gallery
732 4th St. Orland, CA 95963
Tuesdays through Saturdays, 1 to 7p. m. during each 3 week show.

Oroville, California lies in the middle of farming country north of Sacramento. It's also home to Fine Art Quilter Lynne Pillus. Over the years, many small family farms have disappeared from the area. One of the sad reminders of their exodus is the vast array of farm machinery left behind. Lynne was intrigued by the rusting equipment languishing beside fields left fallow by their departing owners.

The artist saw those empty homesteads and their abandoned machines as an important piece in the fabric of the early days of America. It seemed logical to use color and cloth to honor that heritage by giving those machines bold new life.

Lynne's quilting career began with traditional quilts, but in the course of 25 years, she was always experimenting with new techniques, unusual fabrics, and a variety of combinations, searching for her own personal style. Inspired by the machinery in those vacant fields, she found it.

Using a quilting technique known as fused, raw-edge applique, Lynne Pillus skillfully captures the movement and motion of the many machines, old and new, used every day in factories and farms across the land.

Her vividly colored quilts pulse with the strength of the farming way of life that Lynne strives to honor. Using rich colors, strong shapes, and design as intricate and fascinating as the machinery that inspired its creation, Lynne Pillus is an artist who definitely speaks in her own voice.

Meet this delightfully entertaining artist and watch her demonstrate and discuss her creative quilting style at the Orland Art Center Gallery's
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