Thursday, July 16, 2015

iPhotographer Features Moms Getting Their Art Back in Recent Issue

iPhotographer Features Moms Getting Their Art Back in Recent Issue
Moms are getting their art back--thanks to the iPhone--and the new magazine, iPhotographer, has noticed. In a recent issue, Martta Rose Kelly discusses mothers who utilize the iPhone as a photographer’s and artist’s tool. Kelly also has gathered together fascinating bios and amazing samples of these up and coming iphotographers.

Kelly writes: “The iPhone has brought artistic expression back to busy mothers around the world. Or mothers back to their art. Or both. Whichever it is, it is something wonderful and was unforeseen by any of the tech and business pundits, much less discussed. In the past several years, however, something wonderful happened.  Moms began buying iPhones.  Some purchased them to help stay in touch with their children and spouses throughout the day.  Those who held jobs outside the home needed them to check in with their office and clients.  But many moms also started taking pictures, and then discovered apps, and then even more apps, and without even realizing it, each found herself making art again, while dinner was cooking, while waiting in line at the supermarket, and at nighttime, when the children were sleeping. They were creating beautiful pictures and developing their own unique artistic style.  The camera, the darkroom, the canvas, and the paintbrush had all become portable within a small handheld device.” How The iPhone Gave Art Back To Mothers (excerpt). By Martta Rose Kelly
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List of iPhotographers In Article
Ali Jardine, Andrea Koerner. Elaina Wilcox, Elodie Hunting. Lanie Heller, Louise Whiting. Nicki FitzGerald, Nicole Dalesio, Paula Gardener. Sarah Jarrett. Yoni Mayeri

Description of iPhotographer
iPhotographer Magazine, started by Knox Bronson, is for the picture-taker, the picture-lover, the Instagrammer, the Flickr fan, the dedicated aficionado—beginning or advanced—who wants to take more, enjoy more, learn more, app more, see more, and share more pictures as a part of the digital phenomenon that has conquered the globe. iPhoneography, iPhone photography, iPhotography, mobile photography, whatever you wish to call it!
iPhotographer Magazine for iPad and iPhone is available on the Apple Newsstand with two Free Preview Issues with an option for in-app purchase of reasonably priced one-year subscriptions.

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