Wednesday, August 17, 2016

International Exchange – a Fine art Printmaking show in San Francisco and Yokohama Japan

International Exchange – a Fine art Printmaking show in San Francisco and Yokohama Japan

San Francisco exhibition
Dates: September 9th To October 1st
The opening: September 10th     3 PM  to 5 PM
Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 12 PM to 5 PM

Graphic Arts Workshop Gallery
2565 3rd St. #305
San Francisco, CA 94107
Contact: Leslie Lowinger   415-664-5670

Yokohama exhibition
Dates:  September 16th to Sept 26th
Place: Launch Pad Gallery   5-186-8 Ishikawacho Nakaku Yokohama Kanagawa JAPAN 231-0868
Contact:  Ling Liu

San Francisco’s “Graphic Arts Workshop Gallery” and Yokohama’s “Launch Pad Gallery” will host a dual exhibition exchanging art about their respective cities.   In each case a group of artists has created work about the city where they live. The completed work is now crossing the Pacific. Launch Pad Gallery owners Ling Liu and Fred Verhoeven relocated to Yokohama 5 years ago from San Francisco. Ling Liu, a fine art printmaker who was a member of Graphic Arts Workshop for 12 years, wants to introduce San Franciscans to artists from Japan and be a bridge between the two art scenes. Graphic Arts workshop, a cooperative printmaking studio, is delighted to host this exchange and will be showing work from both groups of artists.

The Yokohama artists examine such subjects as : the Cosmo Clock 21 – the giant Ferris wheel and clock that shapes the sky line, Yokohama’s port and ships, and the physical texture of the buildings. Places and themes explored by the San Francisco artists include: congestion, the Summer of Love, Sea Lions, BART, and the dreams of immigrants.

Participating artists from San Francisco:  Marcia Clay/  Melanie Dorson / Alice  Gibbons / Mariko Jesse / Eddie Lee / Leslie Lowinger / Clare Metague / Gail  Morrison / Sarah Newton / Elisabeth Nicula / Andrey Semyonov / Toru Sugita / Clare Szydlowski / Yoko Tahara / Karen Towne

Participating artists from Japan:   Naoko Akiyama / Ruri Arai / Junko Hibino / Maki Ishida / Takuya Katagiri / Yukiko Kimura / Koutaro Miura / Naoko Nakashima / Eiko Shoji / Fred Verhoeven / Miya Yamada

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