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Art Show, San Francisco Peace and Hope Reading and Celebration

Art Show, San Francisco Peace and Hope Reading and Celebration

AWE (A Women’s Eye) Gallery,
678 Portola Drive, 
San Francisco, CA 94127

Elizabeth Hack
Mixed media paintings
February 2 - 24, 2013

Opening Celebration
Sunday, February 3, 2013

San Francisco Peace and Hope Reading 2:30pm
Al Young, California poet laureate emeritus
 Dan Brady, Jane Green, Kit Kennedy, Patrice Haan, John Rowe, Vince Storti, Nancy Wakeman, Sherri Rose-Walker, Judy Wells

Harp music provided by Patrice Haan

San Francisco Peace and Hope is an online publication that promotes peace through poetry, writing and visual art.

Gallery hours:
Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5pm and by appointment


Al Young
California poet laureate emeritus
Web site:

Dan Brady
Dan Brady was born in New York City, and this may explain a great deal.  His poetry includes the influences of jazz, mysticism, history, politics, love, death and a concern for the human condition past, present and that which is yet to come. He currently hosts the longest running open poetry mic known, at Sacred Grounds Coffee House on Wednesday nights in San Francisco.  Many stories about him have a grain of truth, so it is the sifting that is important.  

Jane Green
Jane Green writes her life in poetry.  With a couple of Pushcart nominations, poems published locally and abroad, open mic readings, and four chapbooks, she's happy to be on the path with the creative process. 

Patrice Haan
Patrice Haan has an ear for melody, a heart for feelings and a gift for lyrics. As well as playing therapeutic music with Healing Muses, a non-profit that provides music for healing in Bay-area hospitals, Patrice is increasingly being recognized for her songwriting and poetry. She was published in the Spring issue of SF Peace & Hope 2012 shortly after the release of Bluest Blue, her second album of original songs for harp, piano, voice and other instruments. Her tunes are often described as "beautiful, gorgeous, poetic and evocative, healing our souls and our heartache with the palpable love and the poetry of the music." 

Kit Kennedy
Kit Kennedy co-authored Inconvenience (Littoral Press, Berkeley) and Constellations (Co-Lab Press, San Francisco) with Susan Gangel.  Beyond the Human Voice:  7 poems inspired by the art of Susan Black is available as an e-book.  While Eating Oysters is published by CLWN WR BKS, Brooklyn.  Work has appeared in SF Peace and Hope, Ambush Review, It’s Animal but Merciful, among others. She lives in San Francisco and is Poet in Resident at the Bay Times and is a member of AWE Gallery Collective.

John Rowe
John Rowe, Bay Area native, is the author of several poetry chapbooks: At My Wit's Beginning,Winsome Losesome and 15 Years, which previews a full-length collection that's in the works. Manuel Garcia, Jr. says: "John Rowe takes us into the fault lines of the language down to its asthenosphere of infinitely fluid consciousness hidden beneath the brittle commonness of the surface."

JR's poems have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies, and he's honored to be a part of San Francisco Peace & Hope. He's been a frequent award-winner in Artists Embassy International's Annual Dancing Poetry Festival Contests, including a Grand Prize (2002) and a First Prize (2010). He received the Grand Prize in the Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review Contest 2010.

JR is actively involved in the organization and leadership of community poetry events. He's a co-host of the monthly (2nd Fridays) Last Word Poetry Reading Series, held at Nefeli Caffe in Berkeley. For many years he's served as president of the Bay Area Poets Coalition and associate editor of BAPC's Poetalk magazine.

Vince Storti
Vince Storti has produced poetry reading series’ at Yakety Yak Coffee House and several other venues.   He recently received a first prize in the midi-poem category awarded by the Bay Area Poet’s Coalition’s Maggie Mayer Poetry Contest. He currently serves on the board of directors Alameda Island Poets.

Nancy Wakeman
Nancy Wakeman grew up on the rocky coast of Massachusetts. She now lives in San Francisco and hosts a monthly poetry salon. She is the author of BABE DIDRIKSON ZAHARIAS: Driven to Win, a biography of the famous golfer, and Shooting Arrows at the Moon, a book of poetry and prose poems. Her work has been published in the Ambush Review, Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review, The Alembic and other journals.

Sherri Rose-Walker
Sherri Rose-Walker is a life-long poet who wrote her first poem at age seven. Her poetry, which she sometimes describes as a throw-back to the English Romantics who, in turn, looked back to the Celts and Anglo-Saxons, is principally concerned with deepening the life of the feminine, and the seasons of the soul.  She has been published in the We'Moon women's wisdom calendar, The Salt Reader, Echoes From the Heart, Blueprint, Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review, San Francisco Peace and Hope, and New Vision (UK).  She can be reached at

Judy Wells
Judy Wells received her B.A .from Stanford and her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley. She taught writing in Bay Area colleges before a career as an Academic Counselor for adults at St. Mary’s College of California and as a faculty member of St. Mary’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program.  She currently teaches writing in a special program for freshmen at UC Extension.
 Judy has published nine collections of poetry:  I Dream of Circus Characters:  A Berkeley Chronicle (2010),  Little Lulu Talks with Vincent Van Gogh (2007), Call Home (2005), Everything Irish (1999), The Calling:  Twentieth Century Women Artists (1994), The Part-time Teacher (1991),  Jane, Jane (1981), Albuquerque Winter (1980),  I Have Berkeley, (1979).  She was a featured reader in the Berkeley Poetry Festival in 2006, 2009, and 2011. 

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