Saturday, January 19, 2013

I slept with an AK47

Yes. I did sleep next to a AK47. I only touched it once, lightly.
 It wasn't, however, one of the weirdest adventures in my life.
I will blog more of those later.

 I am just gonna be real brief here and say the the AK47 event also involved
 stockings with seams, satin ribbons, and red high heels. It was not my gun, by the way.
I can recall the white sheets and sunlight contrasted with the gun.
 By itself, the firearm looked more like
a toy. I knew it was not!

 I will leave the rest up to you, dear reader.
Someday I will fill in the details but
they are too much for me right now--and for you too..
I also got to hold a Beretta. And was told just to point and shoot if I had to!

 The crazy things redheads get into.

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