Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sail The Wine Dark Sea with Glenn Steiner of the Greek Island Workshops and Photographer Larry Angier

Photo of Greece

ASMP in San Francisco presents:

Sail The Wine Dark Sea with Glenn Steiner of the Greek Island Workshops and photographer Larry Angier, exploring the ancient islands of Homer “in search of the real Greece.”
Steiner and Angier promise to share tips about workflow on the fly, shooting the Cyclades, the essentials of redundancy, the nature of epiphany, finding safety on foreign shores and bringing
 back ‘the goods’ at any cost.
Glenn’s epiphany occurred on Santorini: ‘No ugliness could exist in light such as this, only degrees of beauty.’ Nineteen years later, Steiner had explored over fifty-eight Greek islands by moped, ferry and sandal led foot. Glenn Steiner has led the Greek Island Workshops in Photography on Santorini since 2004.
Larry Angier has followed the path of ancient Orthodoxy in the digital age from the heights of Greece's Mount Athos north to the ancient lands of Serbia with stunning photography that grips the heart and enchants the mind.
Together Glenn and Larry, travel photographers extraordinaire, will share what they have learned during their Greek Odyssey...and some of the world’s best photography of Greece.
When: Graphic map to Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco
May 14, 2013
6p-7p Social Hour
7p-9p Presentation: “Sail the Wine Dark Sea”
Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco, CA
2325 3rd Street
Free to ASMP Members (JOIN NOW)
General Admission: $10
Associate; Student Members: $5

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