Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Newest Libertarian. Are We Republicans Now?

Betsy Ross Sewing Flag

No taxes! No Capital gains tax! Smaller government!

That is the way I feel today. Just like a Libertarian.   A lone freeper in a sea of blues.

                                                       Aaron Burr Shooting Hamilton

You may wonder why this sudden shift from my being a left wing/ progressive until 9am this morning. Well, I just got done with the taxes for our household. One of us who had no income at all still has to pay $432.00. Silly? Outrageous? Well, yes, and a thousand other words too. All American tax filers also had to sign a health care form. Balderdash.

                                                          Ogden Graves in New Jersey

Bring back the good old days when there were no taxes, no red tape, no big brother, no small sister either. I am so disillusioned. My New England ancestors are laughing right now at me. They are all saying "I told you so". Matthias Ogden, dear cousin where are you now when we need you?.

                                          Cousin Matthias A Hero in Quebec on Dec 31, 1775
                                         The Death of Montgomery painted by John Trumbull

                            "After beating the parley I ordered the drummer to stop, whilst I advanced slowly toward them waving my flag. They soon gave me the old salute; the ball passed just over me in a very
straight direction."-Matthias Ogden Journal 1775

                                                    Matthias Ogden Grave in New Jersey

"Weep, for Ogden's dust lies here. Weed his grave clean ye men of genius, for he was your kinsman. Tread lightly on his ashes ye men of feeling, for he was your brother"-Taken from gravestone (shown above) of Matthias Ogden.

Ogden, Matthias (N. J.). Served as a Brigade Major in the Expedition to Canada, and was wounded at Quebec, 31st December, 1775; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st New Jersey, 7th March, 1776; Colonel 1st January, 1777; taken prisoner at Elizabethtown, N. J., 5th October, 1780; exchanged April, 1781; granted leave 21st April, 1783 to visit Europe and did not return to the army; Brevet Brigadier-General, 30th September, 1783. (Died 21st March, 1791.)
The shot has been fired and I have heard it. Matthias. Aaron, Benedict.
Don't tread on me.

                                                      Benjamin Johnson's Woodcut
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