California Gold Country Family of Historians Uncovering Story Behind Saddle Ridge Hoard

Walter N. Dimmick
The Vicknair family has been busy focusing on the true story behind the Saddle Ridge Hoard. 

Lovers of all things historical-especially California, the Vicknairs have shared an interest and fascination about the Saddle Ridge Hoard and immediately wanted to uncover the source of the gold coins.

With more than eight college degrees among them, the Vicknairs are digging up every fact they can about the recently found coins. Nancy Vicknair has expertise in art history and research, Alexandra Vicknair concentrates on California history, Diana Vicknair Py has excellent historical forensic and detective skills and Tom Vicknair is a lifelong coin collector. All of the family lives within 40 miles or less where the nearly 1500 gold coins were found in 2013 in the California gold country. 

All evidence has pointed thus far to convicted embezzler Walter N. Dimmick who worked at the SF Mint ca. 1890-1901 when he was accused of taking funds from his employer and put on trial.

The Vicknairs will be revealing more intriguing details about Dimmick and the Saddle Ridge Hoard over the next three months, but given their extreme attention to detail and experience in historical research, the investigative process will be ongoing.

This case is just one of the projects being undertaken by the gold country Vicknairs.  For more information please contact Nancy Vicknair at or leave a comment on her blog

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