Amitabha's Pureland

Amitabha's Pureland

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04 Feb 2014 Other
I am using this as a placemaker to show that I said prayers for this person to ensure that she/he ascended to Christ in Amitabha's Pureland. I use this to that indicate that I have done the Whole-Body Relic Treasure Chest Seal Dharani prayer at least 9 times for this person to ensure that they ascend to a Heaven-Pureland with Christ. This prayer is also known by the name Casket Seal Dharani and can be listened to on You Tube at It is from a Sutra by the Buddha which you can read at The prayer gives the person the merit to go to Amitabha's Pureland. I asked Christ to send a bi-location of himself to that Pureland so that Christians who want to go there will have him to greet them there. From there a person can go to the regular Christian Heaven anytime they want.
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