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Pastels by Nancy Stein and Woodcraft by Victor Larson An Art Exhibition Toby's Gallery

Pastels by Nancy Stein and Woodcraft by Victor Larson
An Art Exhibition
Toby's Gallery
at Toby's Feed Barn
November1-30 2014 

Open everyday 9-5pm, and Sundays 10-5pm. Both artists will be in the gallery at least 11-2pm each day each weekend.  

Nancy demonstrates how she transfers her work from a photo grid onto paper with pastel, using a sanded pastel paper.   

Victor spends the day whittling spoons from the branches of various woods - olive, sycamore, oak, walnut. Children of all ages are fascinated by this activity.  

Toby's Gallery
11250 State Route One
 (the main street in Point Reyes Station)
 Pt. Reyes, Ca 94956


Nancy Stein has been acclaimed for her beautiful renderings of the West Marin landscape.  Her series of the ocean waves - many of
them as large as 6ft. - have been praised for their unromanticized view of the character of the northern California sea.  Now she brings new
work to Toby's Gallery- redwood, fir and oak trees; scenes of farm and ranch life, the diversity of west Marin

Fall is a particularly beautiful time of year in Point Reyes.  While our summers can be foggy and cold; when fall comes the fog burns off early
 in the morning, often with the rising sun coming underneath the trees, silhouetted in golden light.  Our northern ocean, the weathered sides of
 the old barns,  redwood trees lit chartreuse from behind, these speak to me, asking to be represented.   In the fall everything is  side lit even at
midday, and the light creates capricious shadows and tricks.  The sunset is beautiful,  but the time afterward when most people have left the beach
 and the sky reflects the water, the 'ponies manes' on the top of the waves - these ask to be represented.   As I drive to my landscaping jobs, to
 pick up my grandchildren, I often stop and capture the incredible visions of this place - that's the time I'm drawn to.    I am witness to constant
inspiration....and I love the mix of farm and ranch and the environment we have worked hard to preserve.  For many years, my medium was
etching (mfa sfsu 1985) and drawing has always satisfied the way I see.  I am especially drawn to the soft chalk of pastel, and its ability to blend
the lines of what I see.  I intend to work not as sharp as a photograph but on the edge between abstraction and reality...
I worked with etching for many years, developing the skill of drawing and perspective before I came to color.  The colors of my home
are actually quite muted, like the soft edges the fog brings; the landscape changes daily --- one never knows what these familiar roads will unveil, the tricks of light and fog.
It's an honor to show in the gallery with Victor's beautiful bowls, platters and spoons!

artist statement
My sense of form and general aesthetic was informed by my studies with ceramists Bill Quirt and Paul Soldner in the early 60s.
They introduced me to the traditions of Japanese ceramics, for which I have a great fondness.

My woodworking skills were nurtured while working in Bill Grunwald's Aeolus boat shop, building traditional rowing and sailing craft; and
wood has been my medium for many years.

In the early 70s I moved to West Marin and started working in custom residential construction; I spent thirty years working in the wood shop
of Axel Nelson Construction, making cabinets, doors, windows and furniture.  Over the years, I've collected all kinds of local woods - traditional
oak and walnut, but also olive, madrone, sycamore; whatever comes my way from storms and cabinetry scraps.  I enjoy whittling spoons - finding
 the shape and grain inherent in the wood.

Now I'm retired and spending most of my time in the exploration of wood turning, leaning on those early influences to guide the way.

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