Monday, March 25, 2013

Sexy Cowboys


I love stories and movies that have cowboys in them. Once  a friend of mine and I were having a few cocktails at King's Cross and I fell off my bar stool. My drinking buddy was Dennis Green, a man whose expertise was the art of conversation. Dennis was really an expert in everything,

                                             Dennis Green

We were talking about potential lovers for women and who made the best ones.

                                         Deadwood Dick

Dennis told me all women should have a "sensitive cowboy" in their lives. Poetry, classical music, a fireplace and a hunky cowboy--sans horse.

                                        Clint Eastwood

I thought that concept really was spot on. But we were in Oakland and there were no cowboys in sight. I swilled my drink, said bye to Dennis and left, still thinking about his advice. 

                                            Marlboro Man

The next time I saw Dennis at the grocery store in Alameda, he was wearing a black cowboy hat and he looked really, really handsome. His earrings sparkled and his black cowboy boots completed the outfit. That did it!  I forgot to buy my cheese and drove off dreaming about cowboys.

                                             Vintage ad

I watched a ton of cowboy movies. Movie cowboys are the creamiest.Tombstone is chock full of eye candy.

                                        Tombstone Actors

 Happy Trails to me!  I am off to find a cowboy......Dennis gave me great advice.

                         Cowboy from Argentina--a Gaucho
                                     A REAL Cowboy
                                          Wyatt Earp


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