Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Alameda Sangha Guest Teacher, Ayya Tataloka.May 25 7pm-9pm

Alameda Sangha May 25  7pm-9pm
Guest Teacher, Ayya Tataloka.
Buena Vista United Methodist Church
2311 Buena Vista Ave.,Alameda,
Learn more about Ayya Tataloka and path of a bhikkhun 

Abbess of Dhammadharini Vihara in the Santa Rosa and the Aranya Bodhi Hermitage on the Sonoma Coast in Northern California, Ayya Tataloka provides spiritual guidance and monastic mentorship in conjunction with hermitage prioress Venerable Sobhana Bhikkhuni.Venerable Tathaaloka Theri is the second Western woman to be designated as Theravadan Bhikkhuni preceptor (Pavattini/Upajjhaya), and she has contributed to the going forth and full ordination of women as bhikkhunis in the USA, Australia, India and Thailand. She also serves as a Senior Monastic Advisor to the Dhammadharini Support Foundation, the Alliance of Bhikkhunis and Sakyadhita USA.

Alameda Sangha
Every Sunday, 7pm-9pm
Buena Vista United Methodist Church
2311 Buena Vista Ave.,
Alameda, CA 94501
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