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Libby Patterson Organics will be appearing in Los Angeles June 7 at FRAGments - Artisan Perfume Event/Collective

Libby Patterson Organics will be appearing in Los Angeles June 7 at FRAGments - Artisan Perfume Event/Collective
June 7, 2014 - 12pm-6pm
Skinny Studio - 5025 York Boulevard, 
Los Angeles CA 90042

FRAGments is a curated perfume-as-art event for artisan perfumers to present their work in a gallery setting where they sell direct to the public. In addition to highlighting the
work of artisan perfumers (those who conceive, make, bottle and market their own work), FRAGments is an opportunity for makers to interact with the public in a relaxed atmosphere that enhances all of the senses.

The name for the series is derived from FRAGRANCE MOVEMENT and picks up on the slang word for perfume, "FRAG". While the event represents a collective, implicit is the recognition that independent, artisan perfumers are fragments of a whole moving indifferent directions. FRAGments seeks to celebrate these differences.

“Artisan perfumery is a growing movement where individuals are exploring unique
olfactory directions through a variety of fragrant media and palettes” says Maggie
Mahboubian, founder and curator of FRAGments. “Very few venues exist for these
perfumers to present their handcrafted work. FRAGments will fill that gap”. She adds,
“it will provide a small scale, intimate forum for artisan perfumers to interact directly
with their audience”. Another unique aspect of this event is that it will define a
community and spotlight the art of fragrance design through interpretive and
experimental work.

The second FRAGments event will be held at Skinny Studio in Los Angeles, the studio
and workshop of artist and designer, Bradley Thordarson whose eclectic work visually
embodies the spirit of this diverse group of perfumers. For more information about
Bradley Thordarson please visit:

Event Details:
Saturday, June 7, 2014
Skinny Studio - 5025 York Boulevard, Los Angeles 90042
12pm-6pm Collective Exhibit and Pop-up Shop

The following artists will present their work at the 2nd FRAGments event on June 7:
Heather Kauffman, Jolie Laide Perfume (
Sherri Sebastian, Sebastian Signs (
Dawn Spencer-Hurwitz, DSH Perfumes (
Ellen Covey, Olympic Orchids (
Irina Adams, Phoenix Botanicals (
Paul Kiler, PK Perfumes (
Tania Reuben, Pure Natural Diva (
Amber Jobin, Aether Arts Perfume (
Libby Patterson, Libby Patterson Organics (
Martynka Wawrzyniak, “Smell Me” (

Event Highlights and Notables:
About FRAGments:
FRAGments was founded by West Coast perfumer Maggie Mahboubian who launched
her Parfums Lalun brand in September 2012. Maggie has the unique advantage of
approaching FRAGments as an “insider” with knowledge about the details needed to
create a successful and vibrant event. Her background as a professional architect gives
her the skills to coordinate a complex project and see it through to completion. The
FRAGments series intends to uncover the potential of this rapidly evolving genre by
highlighting artistic exploration and experimentation in perfumery.

About Libby Patterson Organics:
LPO products are hand composed, by very limited edition small batch: largest is 32 oz

Libby Patterson recently said:"My philosophy is to work on one luxe wild and raw parfum per year, this tradition began in 2009, and I am just launched the 2014 YOUNG BUCK Parfum. It is in limited supply and there is no huge launch party just a quiet word of mouth to clients who collect. I have started on 2015 Parfum which is now shaping. I take a year to meander through the seasons to create a parfum."

A cost effective way to experience the deeper work is by attending a new moon or a full moon brunch. Twice a month LPO has a gathering. Cost is $125 per person, and we go through astrological as well as a seasonal organic brunch and scent journey. Participants take home three minis of their fav scents. I offer a few ways to study with me and the occasional seasonal workshop. Many classes are taught one on one and structured based on what the student is ready to learn. Sometimes that becomes known only after arrival and discovery. I work in that way, to accommodate the best for the limited time we have together.  Inquire for more information.

Libby Patterson Organics
P.O. Box 171
Davenport, California 95017

Old Odwalla Building
3500 Highway 1
Davenport, California 95017
917 723 3499 cell


FRAGments - Artisan Perfume Event/Collective
For more information, images and interview requests with the event organizer/curator or
participating perfumers please contact:
Maggie Mahboubian
Mobile: (310) 497-9103
Follow/like FRAGments on Facebook:

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