Monday, May 26, 2014

The Poet and the Artist in Aphrodite’s Garden Liminal, Lyrical, Lucid. Liminal Art & Poetry Exhibit and Events

The Poet and the Artist in Aphrodite’s Garden - Liminal, Lyrical, Lucid
June 5 – July 19, 2014
Gallery Preview Reception: 
Thursday, June 5, 6-8pm
First Friday Opening Reception, Fri, June 6, produced by Warehouse 416 during the Oakland Art Murmur
DJ and full bar

The Liminal Art Salon® at Warehouse 416
416 26th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

The Liminal Art Salon® presents The Poet and The Artist in Aphrodite’s Garden: Liminal, Lyrical, Lucid, an artistic collaboration of artist Jais Booth and award-winning poet Bronton Cheja. The duo invite you to enter Aphrodite’s Garden*, an exhibit celebrating the interrelated lines of connection from automatism, the unpremeditated or unconceptualized art of surrealism, to liminalism, or liminal art. The exhibit shows the ability of the artist/poet to transmit states of being that are beyond the threshold (Latin limen) of ordinary human consciousness. The liminal is that which is in between the literal reality word of here/now and spirit worlds, the higher, deeper dimensions of existence.
*symbolizing the Mind, or consciousness of Love

Jais Booth and Cheja have collaborated on exhibits before through the Red Door Gallery & Collective (Myth, Magic, Mystery, 2009) and the Liminal Art Salon® (Oracle: Visionary Art Expressing the Prophetic Voice, 2011). Both are inspired by a Muse that compels deeper exploration and tells a story, inviting you to enjoy art and poetry that has depth and light dancing together, works that express the ineffable. This show, from the original founders of the Liminal Art Movement, will fascinate your soul’s longing for beauty and meaning.

In addition to the Preview and First Friday, the gallery is open each Saturday from 1-5pm

Artist: Jais Booth
Award-winning Poet: Cheja
Co-founders of the Liminal Art Salon®

Liminal: The hero’s journey, crossing threshold into enlightened service
Lyrical: The musical word
Lucid: Clear perception of higher/deeper realms beyond appearance

Closing Ritual Ceremony & Party
Love &; Fire, Rock Poetry Nite
Saturday, July 19, 7-9pm

Additional June and July Saturday Events, 3-5 pm:
Liminal Art Salons on art, mind, the liminal,
entheogens, love and beauty.
June 14: Poetry & Art Event
June 21: Liminal Art Salon
June 28: Life Path of the Artist: Ralph Metzner, PhD
July 12: Liminal Art Salon

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