Art You Can Drink-and Look At

 "Sunset Beer Garden"
 by Erik Niemann

Unless you have been asleep like Rip van Winkle, you must have noticed all the new cocktails available to the imbiber. All colors of the rainbow, crazy concoctions, ancient liqueurs revived, and more. No one could try every alcohol option unless their liver is cast iron. I have been involved with some local distillers' ADI events at Hangar One in Alameda and at one conference I was fortunate to taste at least 50 different vodkas--one was even made from maple syrup. ADI -- The American Distilling Institute was founded by famous photographer Bill Owens. ADI's mission is to disseminate essential information regarding the art and science of distilling and is the place if you want to learn how to craft artisan whisky, brandy, rum, and more. Personally, I just like the drinking part and will leave the creation of alcohol to the experts!

  "Smooth Champagne"

    by Erik Niemann

       "Summer Condensation"
        by Erik Niemann

Years ago my brother in law invented two cocktails at a sailor's bar in Alameda, but he was ahead of his time, Now everyone is hopping on the bar bandwagon competing to create the newest drink. It is really crazy and I am enjoying it. Last year there was not enough organic wormwood, a key ingredient in absinthe, and the distillers were panicking. Closet moonshiners have stills in their backyards and combine secret ingredients--even milk or marshmallows. Why there is such an uptick in alcohol consumption is a topic I won't tackle here, Instead I shall plop down on my red bar stool at the Lemon Tree in Alameda where there are no frills and order a vodka cran on the rocks with a side of extra cranberry juice. 

      "The Birth of Beer"
       by Erik Niemann

A few astute artists have realized that cocktails not only are great to drink, but also can make a great subject. A stand out talent in capturing this liquid world artistically is Erik Niemann. Drink Space Beverage Photography was founded by Niemann, who is an abstract painter with a background in architecture. Erik is captivated with the internal space of drinks; how light, glass and liquid interact. ”I love taking up-close and abstract photos of wine, beer and cocktails. I am intrigued by the space of the liquid itself and unique perspectives, such as capturing the underside of the drink’s surface. I look for the beauty that is there, yet rarely experienced.” - Erik Niemann

     "Whisky Isotherms"
        by Erik Niemann

          "Boardwalk Manhattan"
        by Erik Niemann

Just looking at Erik's beautiful work is making me thirsty so I am off to my local dive. Cheers! 

Erik Niemann's Website:  htttp://

       "Champagne over London"
     by Erik Niemann

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