Artists Who Are Something Else ~ Paul McCartney, Anthony Hopkins, Steven Tyler

Artist-Steven Tyler resting from an art show and signing

Two of these artists whose art is shown here are Sirs and the third could be-if he were British.  I don't mean "Sir, do you want some pepper on your salad?" that type of sir. But sirs with a capital "S". But that is not what this post is about.

                                                                      Artist-Paul McCartney

It is so fascinating that so many celebrities are artists or try to be artists!  In here are examples of work by musician Paul McCartney, actor Anthony Hopkins and bringing up the rear-rocker Steven Tyler.

                                                                  Artist-Anthony Hopkins

I don't have to explain what these folks do for a fat paycheck in their real careers,  but take a look at their artwork and tell me what you think.Do you like these artworks?  Are they marketing vehicles are true expressions of the artist? Would you go to see one of these works--or buy one? To let you in a secret--I like all these three works but my taste in art is very open.

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