Sherlock Holmes Trying To Save House Of His Creator

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Sherlock will have to solve this puzzle fast! 

Developers along with a sympathetic City Council in Surrey, England want to turn 'Undershaw' , the crumbling former home of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, into flats. The actors from the brilliant TV show Sherlock have gotten involved and are helping to get the word about this on facebook.

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Author Doyle commissioned the construction by architect Joseph Henry Ball and Doyle lived there for many years with his ill wife. Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula, visited in 1907 and found the house "cozy and snug to a remarkable degree", and added that the many curios and artworks created an effect like a "fairy pleasure house." 

                                                                 The way it used to look

Undershaw was converted into a hotel not long after Doyle sold it. During 2004, the hotel closed and the property was purchased by Fosseway Limited - it has remained unoccupied since that sale. On 18 August 2010 it was announced plans were underway to redevelop the home into a multi-unit apartment building, 

The plan is opposed by preservationists who want to see the house preserved as a single structure (whatever form it is subsequently put to - such as a home or museum). However, in June, 2010 the  Waverley Borough Council unfortunately declined to buy Undershaw from the developer.

                                                                       Conan Doyle

The house has literally gone to ruin and hopefully Sherlock and Dr. Watson can help save this important house! It should be elementary, to use Dr. Watson's words.

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