Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gallery Susan Alexander presents "Fetish" An Art Pop Up Exhibition In San Francisco

Gallery Susan Alexander

 F e T  i s H
 An Art Pop Up Exhibition
Sat & Sun October 5 & 6
4 – 8 pm

41914 Studios
14th Street
@ Valencia
San Francisco 

Marsha Balian
Mark Bullwinkle
Tracy Fitzgerald
Joseph Mele
Art Moura
Paul Moshammer

“Art is a form of magic designed as a mediator
between this strange, hostile world and us.” —Picasso

Marsha Balian 

Paul Moshammer  
 'Touched' wood cut out, spray paint

The show highlights six artists that depict 
a fetish in some form in their work.  

The word fetish was used to describe an object believed to 

have magical powers among primitive or tribal peoples.  
Fetish has been co-opted in popular culture referring to a 
non sexual object that can become an obsession 
such as a shoe or a piece of clothing.

Paul Moshammer 
Dubl handi' - mixed media sculpture

Marsha Balian 

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