Friday, September 20, 2013

“Psychological Landscapes” at FLOAT, Floatation Center – Art Gallery

“Psychological Landscapes”
Photography by Philip Ringler and Paintings by Cheryll May Macintyre
Opening Party Saturday October 12th 6 – 9pm
Show runs September 30th through November 16th
Bay Area artists Philip Ringler and Cheryll May Macintyre explore challenge and embrace our psychological landscapes.
FLOAT, Floatation Center – Art Gallery
1091 Calcot Place, Unit # 116 (located in a store front loft of the historic cotton mill studios)
Oakland, CA 94606

Philip Ringler Photography:
Artist’s Statement
I photograph ideas.
Philosophical/psychological landscapes of the human predicament.
Found. Constructed. Conceptual.
Suffering and redemption, confusion and clarity, existence and death, turmoil 
and healing, sorrow and joy.
Depth contrasts the superficial. Subterranean visions subvert consensus reality. 
Nothing is what it seems.
Paradox. Absurdity. Simulation. Authenticity. Life. Death.
Titles inform images, metaphor overrides logic, and ambiguity emerges.
Layers of symbols created though action/observation transcend ordinary assumptions.
Moments are not captured and memories are not preserved.
Ideas are presented.

Cheryll May Macintyre, Paintings:
”Storytelling without words; explore, express and liberate, my
heart. Art has deepened the appreciation I have for myself.
Creating space in my life to do what I love, this act makes me
feel worthy. For me, this act is love.

The artwork you see is a snippet of my life’s journey—the
journey from my head to my heart. As a psychiatric nurse
practitioner, I have been blessed to have individuals share
their failures, dreams, successes and tragedies. However
 harsh or joyful, the vulnerabilities of others are the
vulnerabilities of my own. These experiences have shown
me that no matter how different we are or scared we may be,
in our hearts we are connected. I want to be open with you so
you will be open with me, I want to share those intimate details. 

I dream of creating art that vibrates my inner being to yours; art
that inspires, uplifts, soothes, and art that create space for all that
 fills my soul and yours. This act of art, this art of love reminds me of how beautiful life is, mine and yours. Each piece is infused with energetic intention that sustains me on this journey. Share this journey with me.” - Cheryll May Macintyre

An urban art spa is the only floatation center & art gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area, floatation therapy is a unique and powerful tool that allows you to shut out the world, and drift into the deepest possible level of physical and mental relaxation. FLOAT offers new, public exhibits of local artists to stimulate and challenge your senses.
Celebrating our 7th year as an urban art spa, come for a float – stay for the art
FLOAT, Floatation Center – Art Gallery
1091 Calcot Place, Unit # 116 (located in a store front loft of the historic cotton mill studios)
Oakland, CA 94606

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