Wednesday, September 11, 2013

San Francisco Peace and Hope Web Magazine Third Anniversary Poetry Reading

Yukiyo Kawano, 01 secondary witnessing series IV
ink, acrylic, sand, fabric, thread, pumice, gesso, 
galkyd, adhesive, blackened with burned flame

San Francisco Peace and Hope Web Magazine 
Third Anniversary Poetry Reading

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
7pm sign up open mic.
San Francisco Peace and Hope Feature begins at 8:15pm
Dan Brady will host the event and Elizabeth Hack, 
founding director/editor will be attending.

Sacred Grounds Cafe,
2095 Hayes Street,
San Francisco, CA

Pep Ventosa, Botanical Garden One, Photograph 

San Francisco Peace and Hope announces 
a poetry reading celebrating its third anniversary 
in San Francisco on October 2, 2013, featuring
readings by Al Young, Erica Goss, 
José Luis Gutiérrez, Marvin R. Hiemstra 
 and Zara Raab.  Dan Brady, host. 

Philip Lewenthal, Divided, Photograph

Informed by the idealism of the 1960s, 
San Francisco Peace and Hope is an online
publication,, produced by the 
poets, writers and visual artists of the Bay Area. 

Al Young, California poet laureate 
emeritus, serves as the advisor,
and has written the magazine’s foreword

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