Bill Owens, American Photographer, Distiller, Genuine Next-Door-Man

I love everything Bill Owens does! Bill is unabashedly funny, whiplash smart, ironic without cruelty and talented to boot.

Moving forward as if propelled by a swirling energy, not a neurotic energy, but an elegant flow above the turbulence, he is the personification of American cool-ness.

Bill is very similar to the shimmer of a salmon's reflection in a rushing stream. Easy to see, hard to catch. It seems as if Owens has reinvented himself every decade, but it is more complex than that. It is a productive, lively re-invention. Bill lives in the moment and tosses the past willingly to the devil--with no regrets. All this is poured into his work.

His seminal Suburbia pinpointed 70s suburb life through a series of blunt black and white photographs. He sojourned into beer brewing before it got popular, and most recently, immersed into the world of distilling.

Catch him wearing one of his two hats- or

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