Planting Beautiful Words In My Garden

I do have a 'green thumb' for caretaking flowers.  I am also in love with certain words and phrases and have a collection that is going into the garden today.

 Five Victorian-era favorites are below:

 1. Tussy Mussy: A tussy mussy is a Victorian-style bouquet where a small group of flowers is placed in a metal vase specifically designed to be carried. The term can refer either just to the metal holder or to the entire bouquet. Sometimes people use it as a synonym for posy, but it differs because of the holder used. Traditionally, the holder is made of silver, although it can also be made from other metals. The famed Fenton Glass Company even made some out of hobnail glass.


2. Out of Twig: Unrecognized or in disguise

3. Bacca-pipes: Whiskers curled in small, close ringlets.

4. Fawny-dropping: A ruse whereby the villain pretends to find a ring (which is actually worthless) and sells it as a possibly valuable article at a low price (Safe to say, don’t do this one!).

5. Hookem-snivey:  To feign mortal sickness, disease and infirmity of the body in the streets in order to excite compassion and obtain alms.

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