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Nancy Vicknair ~ An Arts Publicist

Publicist For Discerning Businesses and The Arts
Nancy Vicknair

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In the ever-changing media market and with new marketing techniques, we are confident we can give you the very best up-to-date exposure available using the latest outreach tools. We are experienced, responsible, thorough and would enjoy assisting you.  Plus, we are easy to work with, care about you and are very affordable. You can concentrate on your art, music or business without spending time on pr, publicity, and marketing! References available.

Client Toby Tover explaining her recent work to collector


Contact us for current rates!

Professional Press Releases: Creation and Dissemination to the Media 

including TV, Radio, Print, Internet
        *Basic Plan  includes:
          One Professionally written, edited press release-you get a copy before sending out.
              This release targets editors for possible article/s and also calendar editors for listings
          Press release send out to all Bay Area media-print, TV, radio. (Does not include
          monthly magazines unless you have given us event details 6 months before event)
         Four website postings including Z Events (cannot include image unless
          an additional $ is paid) and three other posts to websites
        *Blog Post included

Clients-Tony Lindsay lead singer for Santana

          If you want more posts on websites it is $5.00 per website - sites to 
be chosen by us or/and by you. Bay Area only.
         Outside Bay Area Press Releases (USA) Inquire
         National Press Releases Inquire

For Artists-
Art Show PR, Bios, Artists Statements, Gallery/ Art Press Releases, Award Announcements
$85.00 and up depending on complexity, Art Gallery Searches and Placement $100.00.

Introductions to art collectors and museums curators and art galleries available.

 Painting of my relative holding dying General Montgomery

For Musicians-
Musician Publicity for Gigs, CD's, EPK's, CD Release Parties, Tour pr, booking $180.00 and up
Professionally written boilerplate, biography or artist statement or mission statement $180.00
Have us personally solicit feature articles, reviews and interviews from media $85.00 per hour

 Django by Tover

For Businesses-
Marketing Campaigns and pr for any and all events and general company needs
Conference and event planning and media out reach
Price varies depending on location and size/duration of event and other factors

 Harpist Destiny

For All Clients-
1/2 hour Mini Marketing Meeting by Telephone or Skype
 No matter where you are located, we can assist you with a customized pr and marketing
 campaign. 1/2 hour when we plan a dynamic, personalized campaign just for you that is
 easy--and fun--to implement. Email or phone support after meeting included. 

Marketing Meeting 1 Hour in person
 Personalized focus on your marketing needs and plan out 12-24 months ahead. 
Includes follow up support

Payment Process-
Payment due by check, money order, or cash as soon as we receive 
your filled in event form and order to start or at first meeting.
#Event cancellations or changes in original release, once it has gone out, are $25.00-$50.00

 Calder jewelry

Nancy Vicknair has been doing publicity and marketing since 1990. With 15+ years working in print and TV, she learned what it takes to get noticed--from an insider's point of view. Today, she assists numerous clients in the arts and business with media outreach and marketing
strategies, consults with Bay Area newspapers, and gives workshops. 

Nancy Vicknair receiveda BA Summa cum Laude and University Honors from NYU in Art History. She is  a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and has an MA from Columbia in Art History. She worked at the Whitney Museum, and for many Bay Area newspapers as calendar editor, and arts reporter. Nancy resides in Northern California and does publicity for hundreds of events annually. She also finds time to do much pro bono work for the arts community, the city of Alameda, and for Kenyan conservation organizations.

Clint Imboden Installation

**WOW! I'm in the Pink Section-and today-you are amazing There's even one of my artworks! Double Wow!! -Toby , artist

**You will have a special circle in heaven reserved for you because you are eternally
supportive of artists. That means you are way up there in the hierarchy, sitting next
 to Mother Theresa for all eternity. -Ginny Parsons, artist

**My business doubled! -Bay Area Retail Store

Photographer Owens

**My new distillery is going wild with your marketing help.-Alameda distillery


*Erik Niemann, Artist
*Hollywood Film Composer
*California Printmakers Society
*Otis School Alameda Fundraisers
*Alameda Architectural Preservation Society
*Island Yacht Club
*JC Cellars-Winery Art Events
*Tony Lindsay- Musician-lead singer Santana
*James Henry, Musician
*Pauletta M. Chanco, Artist
*City Of Alameda-Open Studios and Art in the Park
*Toby Tover, Artist
*EBOS Alameda and Uptown
*Rising Star Montessori
*Graphic Arts Workshop
*Bill Owens - Distilling
*Livermore ArtWalk 2005-2010
*Linda Ryan, Artist
*Carolyn Lord, Artist
*Cera Una Volta Restaurant
*Clint Imboden, Artist
*Channel 2 Head Sportscaster
*Wally Amos aka Famous Amos
*Speisekammer Restaurant
*First Pres Music Events

plus many more

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